• Fun Philippine Music Festivals to Check Out

    Expats Guide: Fun Philippine Music Festivals to Check Out

    If there is one thing Filipinos enjoy the most, it’s good music partnered with great company. Because of this, Philippine music festivals have started to crop up in the recent years, celebrating different local and international musicians and the great music they offer. Nothing beats being able to surround...
  • Captivating, Bizarre Philippine Festivals

    The Philippines has 7,641 islands, each is distinct, they have their own customs and traditions, religious beliefs and local celebrations that is why Filipinos love to party because they have lots of festivals. The sheer number exemplifies the diversity in culture from the metropolitan area to the smallest barangay,...
  • sinulog dance philippine festival

    Know before You Go: 2018 Philippine Festivals

    The Philippines has 81 provinces subdivided into 145 cities and 1,489 municipalities. And each area has its own fiestas dedicated to their patron saints, myths, culture, and traditions. No wonder the country is called “The Land of Festivals” there are fiestas in the Philippines from January to December. Full...
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