We are Hiring

The team at Expat.com.ph is an internet marketing and media company that is always on the lookout for quality team members to join us for our online projects.

Here are a few of the many opportunities we have available:

Content Writers and Bloggers

Do you love to write and create content? Great – Expat.com.ph is looking for writers, as well as our network of websites in our media group.

We use Key Blogging as the platform to find and work with and pay writers – if you are interested in being part of the team – check out Key Blogging today and apply!


Website Building and Designing

Our team has a network of sites that we are adding content to as well as re-designing and growing.

We would love to have more amazing web designers and developers work alongside us to build out this growing media group.

Social Media Marketing and Community Management

Do you love to share on Facebook and other social media platforms? Want to take the content we create on this site as well as other sites.

Media and Influencer Outreach

As any online company – we need as much outreach as possible.

This is ranging from podcast guest opportunities, PR distribution, online collaborations, influencer placement, and more.

Video and Text Reviews

Similar to writing, we are often needing to create video reviews and text reviews of products and services.

For this, we use a platform called Get Frenzi, and you can learn more and apply here – https://getfrenzi.com


Contact Us And Let’s See If We Are a Good Fit

If you’d like to contact us and get on our database – we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us today.