Expats Guide: Best Parking Lots in BGC and Makati Area

Often, heavy traffic is just half the problem when trekking south of the metropolis, like going to Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It also has to do with lack of parking lots in BGC and Makati. In fact, traffic congestion is frequently due to illegal parking along major routes in these places, creating choke points.

Don’t be part of the problem. Get a little bit creative by knowing where the best parking lots in BGC and Makati are before you plunge headlong into the muddle of traffic rummaging through the area for parking space. Here are some helps.


Bonifacio Global City

A popular destination for almost anything under the sun—restaurants, cafes, arts and entertainment, jobs, offices, services, malls and shopping, you name it—BGC has among the best versions of them.  No wonder folks from all over the metropolis flock to it on a daily basis and it can get really crowded during rush hours.

To a lot of motorists, it’s a nightmare going to BGC without knowing exactly where to park. You should have foresight and specific parking spaces in mind near your destination beforehand. Don’t decide when you get there and then find yourself trapped in a deadlock too late. Have a clear plan or strategy where to park your car ahead of time. It doesn’t matter where your destination is—it works well when securing parking lots in BGC and Makati.

BGC officials recently allayed fears of parking shortage in the district. “We designed the city in such a way that, from any point within the city center, there is parking for you five to 10 minutes away. The problem is that people don’t want to walk,” a BGC representative said in a March 2018 interview.

If you’re the type who hate walking long distances from parking to destination (especially on a hot or rainy day), here are some popular suggestions on establishments exclusively for parking purposes:

One Parkade

When in the vicinity of Bonifacio High Street and Central Square, you may want to try parking at One Parkade. It’s a covered parking with 5 levels open even during late nights till early morning the next day. It offers more than 400 slots. Automated machines serve you. Elevators take you to the different floors and charges reasonable parking fee. There’s even a car wash available anytime your car need it. The parking spaces are well ventilated. It’s located in the vicinity of 7th Avenue, 30th Street and 9th Avenue.


The Fort Car Park

Another parking option in the same area as One Parkade is The Fort Car Park. It’s along 7Th Avenue near Lane O and right in front of Maybank. Accordingly, this parking gives senior citizen discounts. It has spacious parking slots, so no worries about cars being trapped by overcrowding. The only downside to this is that the surrounding bars, clubs, shops and restaurants make it too crowded during peak hours. So park early. It’s often a surefire remedy to problems about parking lots in BGC and Makati.


Three Parkade

Opting for covered but cheap parking and you’re somewhere near 30th Street? Look for Three Parkade which offers more than 1,000 parking slots. It’s found in the neighborhood of 5th Avenue, beside Shangri-La, The Fort. You won’t believe the low parking rates. It is surrounded by food establishments like Manam, The Wholesome Table, Wildflour Café and Early Bird Breakfast Club, to name a few.


Market! Market!

You may want to try other establishments in BGC not dedicated to parking but which provide ample parking nonetheless. For instance, most people prefer parking at the Market Market parking building which has more than 1,000 parking slots operating 24 hours a day. It also offers among the cheapest parking rates in BGC. If you’re going somewhere near McKinley Parkway in BGC, consider parking at Market Market.


Other Parking Areas

Other parking areas you may want to consider (and which provides more than ample parking) are McKinley Hill parking building with more than 1,700 slots and SM Aura Premier with 1,600 slots. For more information on parking lots in BGC and Makati even, it’s best to consult Google maps online or download the Waze App here.


BGC Parking Rates

The parking rates vary according to the quality and features of the parking service. The Grand Hyatt Hotel, for instance, which provides 24-hour parking, charges Php130 for the first 3 hours and Php50 for the succeeding hours. Among the cheapest is the Market Market open parking area which offers Php40 for the first 4 hours and Php10 in the succeeding hours. These rates are subject to change any time.

For other parking rates in BGC, visit this link.


Makati City

Makati has been a tough challenge for motorists for years as far as parking is concerned, although there are plenty around. There are even on-street parking slots good for three hours but which are not advisable for folks needing parking for 8 hours or more. Anyway, there are parking establishments dedicated to provide longer parking hours.

Since Makati has a number of malls, you may opt for a mall parking area if there’s one near you. But in most cases, this isn’t possible. You may want to try out these parking lots.

Dela Rosa Car Parks 1 and 2

If your workplace is in Legaspi Village, Dela Rosa Car Parks can be your option. It’s along Dela Rosa Street near Ayala Avenue. This car park is open from 6 in the morning to 10 in the evening, from Monday to Friday. During Saturdays it’s open from 6 am to 6 pm. It’s not operational on Sundays and Holidays.

For 12 hours you pay Php50, then Php20 for the succeeding hours.


Valero Car Park

If your workplace is in the portion of Legaspi Village nearest Valero Street, Valero Car Park is your ideal choice. It’s at the corner of Valero Street and H.V. Dela Costa. It’s open from 6 in the morning till 12 midnight, Monday to Friday. While Saturdays, it’s available from 6 am to 3 pm only.

You pay Php50 during the first 2 hours, and then Php20 each hour you exceed.


Gabriela Silang

If your office is somewhere near the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, or the Central Business District, then you may try parking at Gabriela Silang. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Gabriela Silang Monument. Those from the Makati Stock Exchange and Philippine Stock Exchange can easily spot it. It operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

You pay Php50 for the first 2 hours and then Php25 each hour you exceed.


Plaza 100

Looking for a less-frequented parking lot? Then take a chance at Plaza 100 at the corner of Dela Rosa and V.A. Rufino Streets. It’s ideal for those who are on the southern side of Legaspi Village. To get there fast and with less hassles, take its Rodriguez Street entry point.

You pay Php45 for the first 2 hours and Php20 for each hour you exceed.

Now that you have a good idea, choose the parking lots in BGC and Makati nearest you.


Other Parking Options

Makati malls are also plausible options for parking if other establishments are crowded. Glorietta in Makati, for instance has basement parking in all its five sites. Gloriettas 1 to 5 keep their parking areas open 24 hours a day, with rates at Php40 for the first 4 hours and Php30 each succeeding hour. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays incur a flat Php45 rate. Worthy of special mention here is Glorietta 5 which has a two-level basement parking seamlessly linked to the multi-level basement parking of Glorietta 4.

Greenbelt basement parking areas 1 to 5  is another option. Another is SM Makati right beside Glorietta 1. The conditions and rates prevailing in these parking sites are almost the same. The advisable option then is Glorietta or SM basement parking if you’re anywhere in the EDSA-Ayala vicinity. Or Greenbelt if you’re in Legaspi Village.

One observer noted that a least visited or used car park is the one at the 6750 office tower. This is due to its inconspicuous entrance which is at its rear side adjacent to Starbucks 6750, just in front the Rizal Exit of Shangri-la Hotel.

For parking rates in parking areas around Makati, visit this link.


It always pays to have a parking strategy all figured out before you hit the road, especially to the south. Specifically, decide beforehand what parking lots in BGC and Makati you would take.















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