Get that money!

We all need to work to earn a living.

Well, most of us – even super models work (and there are quite a few super models of Filipino decent, so we know!)

In the work section of the site, we want you to be prepared for all things you need to know on getting a job, and maximizing that cash money.

Because that is what an expat is all about, dollar dollar bill ya’ll.


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work from home

Work From Home: Let’s Get You Ready

You may think that it’s hard to be productive when you are stuck at home but thanks to the ever growing job opportunities that require nothing but your computer, an ideally quiet workspace and a stable internet, you can already get some work done at home!

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Fitch unit TRABAHO bill to yield little results

Fitch unit: TRABAHO bill to ‘yield little results’

MANILA, Philippines — The second package of the Duterte administration’s flagship tax reform program is likely to yield “little results,” a Fitch Group unit said, adding that the proposal to lower corporate income tax rates won’t boost investment without an improvement to the business environment. Last week, the House of Representatives approved on third and final reading House Bill 8083, ...

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working in the philippines

Expats Guide: What is it like to work in the Philippines?

Expats planning to work in the Philippines can look forward to a nice work atmosphere if they secure the necessary papers for doing so. That’s the priority. Always, making everything legit is the key to a hassle-free life and employment for expats working in the Philippines. So, before anything else, make sure the visa and whatever work permits necessary are ...

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practical gifts work colleague expat living

Expat’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for your Filipino Colleagues

Who doesn’t like gifts? Not to sound materialistic but there isn’t a person in this planet who doesn’t feel appreciated when given a present. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday or a birthday, gifts are a great way to tell someone that they are liked and valued. Filipinos are suckers for presents. Big or small, Filipinos know how to appreciate ...

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co working spaces philippines

Co working Spaces in the Philippines

For the past few years, workplace setup has shifted from the traditional one-to-one, desk-based design to an open-plan, more modern and flexible kind of office environment. For many people, this is a positive move as it gives them more freedom to work and it encourages a more collaborative and creative atmosphere. In turn, these people become more productive and contribute ...

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