Work From Home: Let’s Get You Ready

Work From Home arrangements just got a massive push due to COVID-19 global pandemic. But did you know that even before the pandemic, expats in the Philippines have already been working remotely from the comforts of their home in the Philippines? You may think that it’s hard to be productive when you are stuck at home but thanks to the ever growing job opportunities that require nothing but your computer, an ideally quiet workspace and a stable internet, you can already get some work done at home!

Do note that before deciding to work in the Philippines, you need to comply with all the necessary requirements first in order to avoid any issues. To know more about the required documentations, read through Expats Guide: What is it like to work in the Philippines?

The Common Remote Jobs of Expats in the Philippines

With an estimated of 50,000+ foreign workers in the Philippines, it is undeniable that any expat can easily get employed in the country. Here’s a list of the common remote jobs for expats in the Philippines:

1. Customer Service Representative (Outbound/Inbound Call)

Expats are highly needed by almost all call center companies due to one important factor – they communicate very well with their fellow countrymen. They even get awesome benefit packages.

2. Vlogging/Blogging

You can talk or write about almost anything under the sun – a great topic would be about the Filipino Culture, this will definitely drive Filipino audience

3. Teaching

The most in-demand teaching profession is the ESL (English as Second Language). Your students will most likely be foreign nationals too! But you can also use your expertise to teach different topics such as business, architecture, special skills or others.

4. IT Developer

Remote tasks related to IT development such as web development, game development and even technical support.

5. Business Consultant

If you have a solid background with anything about business from marketing, supply chain, finance or operations, then there are hundreds of businesses willing to spend dollars just to get your professional advise.

The Pros of Working from Home

There’s a ton of reasons why working from home is such a bliss, below are just some of the many reasons:

1. Flexibility

You get to choose your own preference in terms of time and choose the time you are most productive, unless your work conditions require you to stick to a schedule. But it’s still better than waking up 2 hours from your shift.

2. Reduce distractions

Distractions can come from any form, especially from workmates. But with working from home, distractions can definitely be reduced and controlled or even eliminated.

3. No Traffic

One of the Philippines’ worst problem is the traffic. Working from home eliminates that which also eliminates stress and lost hours. How convenient!

4. Save Time & Money

With lesser trips and impulse buys, a lot of time and money can definitely be saved. And more time can be spent with family or friends at home or in the neighborhood

The Cons of Working from Home

Working from home may very well be every person’s preference as it sounds better than being in the office. But this arrangement can come with numerous disadvantages too:

1. Different

It can be very different from the usual setup. You may need time to adjust to the setup.

2. Self-discipline

The comfort of your home may affect your focus and takes a great deal of self-discipline and inspiration to make it through the day – so there should be extra effort in finding ways to stay motivated.

3. Lonely

Virtual meetings may keep you with company from time to time. But working alone in isolation can be very lonely and dragging.

4. Personal life vs. Work

The line between work and personal life may become very thin. Both can even be mixed up eventually and it will be harder to distinguish between where work ends and life starts.

5. Routine

Without your peers, every day is a lost opportunity to learn new things. Doing the same thing again and again may also become too repetitive that it becomes a routine which can also decrease interest in work

6. Distractions

There can be a lot of uncontrollable distractions especially if you live in a typical Filipino neighborhood where dogs, chickens, babies and other noises can be very distracting. So choose where you stay carefully, especially if your job requires a quiet environment.

Are you work-from-home ready?

With the growing community of expats in the Philippines, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to live. Given the lower cost of living along with the generous job opportunities plus the beautiful destinations and people, it is going to be a very comfortable stay.

If you’re ready, what are you waiting for? Choose to settle down in the Philippines now!

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