Expats Guide: International Schools – Are They Worth It and what is the Cost?

If there is one thing that stresses expats with families, it’s probably where to enroll their children for the incoming semester. Traveling is especially taxing for children who have no option but to move from one school to another every year (or worse, every quarter).

When left with no other choice, expats usually go for entering their kids to international schools. There are bother benefits and disadvantages to entering your child to one of these schools. A known drawback is that a year in an international school can set you back pretty hard financially. There’s also very minimal exposure to the local culture and language of your current residency. But if chances are you foresee traveling and relocating in a few months’ or years’ time, then international schools are your best bet for a quality education.

Listed in this article are three top international schools in Manila. Check out their locations, tuition fees and why you should consider them the school of your choice.

International School Manila

Considered to be one of the most prestigious international schools in the country, International School Manila (ISM) is an amazing educational playground to enroll your child in. It offers a very holistic educational program with an academic curriculum that allows every student to earn not just an ISM diploma but an International Baccalaureate diploma as well. Simply put, graduates of ISM are eligible to study in renowned universities around the Globe. Actually, a lot of this school’s graduates go off to pursue their college degrees in colleges and universities in North America and Europe. The school also promotes a healthy well being by having activities that support this. From inter-batch sports competitions to fine arts and performance, your child will definitely have fun donning the Bearcat spirit.

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Brent International School Manila

If you are looking for an international school that focuses not just on educational excellence but spiritual enhancement as well, Brent International is the place to enroll your child in. Affiliated with the Central Diocese of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and founded by Bishop Charles Henry Brent in 1909 in Baguio City, the institution promotes holistic development of each student. Their academic curriculum is globally competitive and similar to that of ISM, Brent students have the option to graduate with an IB diploma.

Since Brent has been around longer than most international schools in the country, it has been able to establish 3 branches in different locations – one in Binan, Laguna, another in Baguio and the third one in Subic, Zambales.

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British School Manila

The British School Manila boasts of its personalized teaching, having smaller classrooms for a more personal teaching approach. The school offers the highest quality of British education following an adapted English National Curriculum done from Nursery through out the 9th grade. Similar to ISM and Brent, British School Manila graduates are also eligible to get an International Baccalaureate diploma, which will allow them to study in prestigious universities all over the globe. The school is also in its 6th year of accreditation by the Council of International Schools, one of the world’s best accreditation bodies available to international educational institutions. More than the academic curriculum, BSM also promotes a holistic and progressive learning experience by exposing students to real life world problems that will shape the way they approach issues and dilemmas in their adult lives.

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Reedley International School, Inc.

Reedley International School was founded in 1999. The name was bestowed as a tribute to Reedley College, California, USA, a small community where its Founding Directress studied and excelled along with the help of nurturing teachers and mentors.

After his success in the Gold Rush in the 1800s, Thomas Law Reed donated the land to the community and the town became known for its excellent nurturing of fruit harvests. This value of nurturing was evident among teachers and administrators in Reedley College and is seen today in Reedley International School.

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Nord Anglia International School Manila

Since opening in 2012, NAIS Manila has become the school of choice for expatriate and Filipino parents looking to provide their children with an international education. We are extremely proud of our pupils and strive to develop a warm and supportive atmosphere where they can thrive.

We offer a contemporary British international education to students in Early Years, Primary and Secondary up to Year 11, with Year 12 by August 2020 and Year 13 by August 2021. The school has grown steadily to over a 250-strong student body and boasts more than 30 nationalities, making it a truly diverse setting in which to study and work in.

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Expats in the Philipppines

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