Lazada PH: What Filipinos are Ordering as their Sales Continue to Rise

The e-commerce industry in the Philippines is booming and Lazada PH has been on a steady trajectory. The company’s sales have increased by 300% since its launch, as Filipinos continue to take advantage of the convenience and savings that online shopping provides.

Filipinos are making Lazada as their number one stop for online shopping. The platform has been going from strength to strength with its increasing sales figures, allowing it to capture a huge portion of the market share and have more Filipino buyers on board.

Let’s take a look at what Filipinos are ordering from Lazada that is helping to push their sales ever upward.

A Quick Lazada History Lesson

Lazada has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2012, having generated US$1 billion worth of total annual transactions for 2016 alone.

The company currently operates in Thailand (where it was founded), Indonesia, and Malaysia where it recently announced major expansions later this year.

They have also ventured into Vietnam during 2018-2019 where it currently has more than 1,500 employees and is looking to expand operations into more potential countries.

It started in the Philippines in 2016 and had continued growing since then. It aims to be in every country where there are significant numbers of Filipinos living abroad by 2021 so they may access products and services conveniently.

Lazada’s Upward Trajectory

With Lazada PH having generated US$1 billion worth of total annual transactions for 2016 alone, a figure which is only expected to continue growing, the Lazada Group has been putting up physical stores all over the major cities of Philippines.

This can be seen as an effort by to further contribute to the Philippine economy through providing jobs and helping grow its presence in each neighborhood across the. In 2021, they expect to have a total of 150 physical stores all over the Philippines. They are also looking at expanding offerings on the e-commerce platform by adding more product categories.

In 2021, Filipinos will be able to go from the usual electronics and home appliances, which are currently Lazada PHs most popular products as envisioned by Lazada PH, into fashion items that Filipinos love.

Lazada's Upward Trajectory

Sales and Product Trends

In 2021, the e-commerce platform is expected to have a total of 200 million customer visits with each visit averaging around US$50-100 worth of product purchases.

As for peak sale periods in 2021, the prediction is that it will be during the months before Christmas and new year holidays when Filipinos primarily celebrate through gift giving.

Lazada PH is seeing an increasing number of Filipinos purchasing computer parts and gadgets as the Philippines becomes a hub of higher education and business for Filipino immigrants.

The current aim is to arrive in every city and town across the Philippines by 2021 so more Filipinos may access the offered products and services.

Top Products and Categories Filipinos Buy on Lazada PH

Women’s Clothing and Beauty Products

The two largest categories and products that Filipinos often purchase on the e-commerce platform are women’s clothing and fashion, as well as beauty products.

For fashion, women usually buy articles of clothing such as tops, pants, belts, and shoes. This specific category has been growing on Lazada within the past three to four years.

In fact, the company states that they currently own as much as 20% of the fashion retail market in the Philippines.

The second category is beauty products. This includes everything from makeup, facial masks, creams and lotions, and other similar items.

In the past couple of years up to today, one specific set of beauty products that has significantly boomed are Korean beauty products. These include creams for the face and body, and even aloe vera gels.

Women's Clothing and Beauty Products


The third most bought products belong to the electronics category. This category is quite vast and there is a lot of nuance in the products being bought here.

For starters, many Filipinos purchase cell phones here. Whether old or new models, they look for cell phones within their budget. Recently, the most recent Samsung and Apple phones were on top of the list. Apart from the phones, Filipinos also like buying accessories like chargers and headsets.

Also included are other gadgets like gaming consoles and PC equipment. Gaming consoles like PS4s and PS5s join the list, as well as games from every other available and relevant console.

Just like cell phones, they also turn to the e-commerce platform to purchase PC equipment and accessories like headsets, gaming mouses, and keyboards.

Health Items

Finally, health items are currently a popular category on Lazada. In today’s society where the pandemic reigns, health items are becoming an essential that people need to purchase.

Products include face shields, surgical masks, and vitamins and supplements to help stave off the COVID-19 virus.

Lazada PH Continues to Rise

With the continuing rise in sales, Lazada Philippines is poised to become one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce players.

Filipinos are turning to online shopping more than ever before and it won’t be long until they’re ordering everything from groceries to electronics on their phones instead of driving down store aisles or waiting for delivery trucks.

Online shoppers will no doubt benefit from this trend as well – with more brands competing against each other for attention, prices should continue to drop while quality improves at an even faster rate.

While there are still plenty of challenges ahead for businesses looking to get into the game, we can only expect big things from Lazada PH in the coming years.

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