Planes, trains, and automobiles!

Don’t forget the infamous tricycle and jeepney of the Philippines!

Here at, we know the hassles of Manila traffic.


If you can avoid it, more power to you. But if you can’t – well – we feel your pain.

In this section we have various travel and transportation tips to help you stay ahead of the traffic, and make your stay in the Philippines a bit more enjoyable.


If you are looking for more guides on travel, please contact the team and we would love to hear it. Now, get scrolling and check out the full list of articles on becoming a master of travel in the Philippines.

Flight Rebooking Tips

Useful Flight Rebooking Tips with Philippine Airline Companies

During these extraordinary times, you might be one of those Philippine airline travelers dealing with a flight cancellation. We delved into flight cancellations in the Philippines and came up with useful information and tips on rebooking to help you manage the situation.

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Best Parking Lots in BGC and Makati Area

Expats Guide: Best Parking Lots in BGC and Makati Area

Often, heavy traffic is just half the problem when trekking south of the metropolis, like going to Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It also has to do with lack of parking lots in BGC and Makati. In fact, traffic congestion is frequently due to illegal parking along major routes in these places, creating choke points. Don’t be part of the problem. ...

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The Philippines Automotive Market Facts, Figures and Anecdotal Information

The Philippines Automotive Market – Facts, Figures and Anecdotal Information

Table of Contents New Car SalesFinancingThe AcronymsCBU – Completely Built up UnitCKD – Complete Knock DownPhilippine LicenseCodingInsuranceDriversServicing & MaintenanceWebsites to check out New Car Sales Many people are unaware that the Philippines has one of the fastest growing new car markets with sales doubling in the period 2012-17. Sales have contracted this year due to the price increase since the ...

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mrt lrt philippines schedule

Expats Guide: MRT and LRT Daily Schedule

You haven’t really tried the full Filipino experience until you’ve ridden Manila’s Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT). No kidding! Riding Manila trains is the true test of will and power for many Filipino commuters nowadays, so if you’re an expat and you’ve been on the MRT and LRT during their daily schedule, you’re pretty much one ...

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bgc bus stop

Expats Guide: Know your Next BGC Bus Stop

  If there’s one thing Filipinos would like to see the government strictly implement in the Philippines, it is the designation of proper bus stops around the country. If other major cities in Southeast Asia can do it, why can’t the Philippines, right? That would be a dream come true. Imagine the joy of many people when Bonifacio Global City ...

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p2p service

Expats Guide: P2P Bus Service in Metro Manila

One thing that you should prepare yourself for when you come to the Philippines is traffic. Unfortunate as it may be, this is one of the most pressing problems in the country at the moment that a lot of solutions are being formulated to alleviate it. Some work, others don’t; but the government continuously tries hard to find ways to ...

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Traffic Update Apps

6 Helpful Traffic Update Apps

The infamous, omnipresent Metro Manila traffic is a major time waster and something that busy people like you could do without in your life. While nothing short of a miracle – or a boxing match – can clear out the streets of the metro, you can lessen the stress of sitting in a virtual parking lot by planning ahead using ...

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best car provider rental metro manila

Car Rental Providers within Metro Manila

If you need a car, renting one assures ease and flexibility on any trip. Whether it’s for a vacation, an out-of-town assignment or a road trip a car rental will surely fit your need. Read through our practical reminders before renting a car.   Research Do some research on at least 3 car rental providers, prepare a list and compare ...

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naia terminal 3

NAIA listed as 10th Most Improved Airport in the World

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), formerly known as Manila International Airport (MIA), was once considered as the world’s worst airport showed remarkable improvement in 2018 according to the British-based consultancy firm Skytrax. The country’s main international gateway ranked 10th in the World’s Most Improved Airport award based on the quality performance by all airports in the world featured in ...

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commuting apps philippines

Expats Guide : Helpful Apps for your Commute

Manila traffic can get the best of everyone. People do everything they can to get ahead of each other, even if it means going beyond the line like skipping queues at the station, hailing rides in the “no loading” zone or stealing someone’s taxi when another passenger has already hailed it. Oh, commuter life! Like it or not, a little ...

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Philippine Transport Guide

Expats Guide: Transportation in the Philippines

Looking at the Philippine map for the first time may make you wonder, “How do I get around the country with all those islands?” Good question. The truth is it can be challenging. But the next good question you can ponder on is, “Are you up for an adventure?” because it sure is going to be one unforgettable ride traversing ...

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philippines traffic anti distracting driving act expat living

Expats Guide: Anti-distracting Driving Act

Philippines: One of Southeast Asia’s Top Destinations The Philippines is known for its supreme hospitality and family-based culture. No wonder why many foreign nationals choose the country to bring families, build relationships, and explore its magnificent travel destinations year-wide. The country has a lot to offer: inviting blue seas and colorful sea creatures; verdant valleys and towering trees; graffiti-printed jeepneys ...

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jeepney philippines expat living

Expats Guide: Commuting in the Philippines

Commuting in the Philippines As an expatriate in the Philippines, you probably have two types of commuting to do from time to time: Getting around in the city or town where you reside and/or work; and, going out of town on inter-island trips. In either case, you deserve a comfortable mode of commuting or transportation! Going around in your town ...

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Daily Life, Daily Struggle in Manila Philippines

Curious how daily life is in the Philippines? After some time there, we share our perspective and insights on how Filipinos deal with the pressure and stress.

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Manila Taxi Drivers

Manila Taxi Drivers Rip You Off! A Cabbie’s Perspective

In Manila, locals and foreigners agree – CAB DRIVERS RIP YOU OFF! There are so many stories about getting ripped off by taxis here, lets hit a few points: Won’t Use the Meter – They say its broken, or that they don’t want to use it. Some kind of story every time. Choose who they want to take – they ...

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