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Immigration Entering Philippines

Immigration for Foreigners Entering the Philippines

Please note that the information changes on a daily basis and you should check with the Philippine Embassy in whichever country you are intending to fly from. Airlines will sell, in most cases, happily take your money and sell you a ticket, however upon check-in you must have the correct documents such as as a relevant visa and/or an exit ticket out of the country.

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Crucial Tips To Remember On Philippine Immigration Laws

Immigration to any country is a difficult task to do. More so, anyone applying for immigration is aware that even his home country has its legal laws and policy regarding this matter. And it’s similar to the Philippine Immigration Laws any expats should be aware. For any individual or family who travels more often knows that it’s never as easy ...

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What You Should Know About Employment Visa in the Philippines

Expats Guide: What You Should Know About Employment Visa in the Philippines

It’s an exciting journey working in the Philippines especially after an Expat Explorer survey said last year that some 52 percent of expats worldwide “found better personal fulfillment working here” than in their country of origin. This also means foreigners are scrambling to get employment visa in the Philippines. To avoid too much hassle with visa procurement (which is normally ...

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Retirement Visa in the Philippines Made Simple

Retirement Visa in the Philippines Made Simple

The Philippines is fast becoming the favorite retirement haven of foreign nationals. More so now when retirement visa in the Philippines is made simple. That’s besides the fact that the country is the 25th retirement choice in the world, says the Global Retirement Index Ranks of International Living. The tropical climate, friendly and hospitable locals and cheaper cost of living ...

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working in the philippines

Expats Guide: What is it like to work in the Philippines?

Expats planning to work in the Philippines can look forward to a nice work atmosphere if they secure the necessary papers for doing so. That’s the priority. Always, making everything legit is the key to a hassle-free life and employment for expats working in the Philippines. So, before anything else, make sure the visa and whatever work permits necessary are ...

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retirement in philippines

Retiring to the Philippines: Your Best Move

After spending a great number of years in the corporate world and raising a family, it’s time to wear a new hat as a retiree. If you live in a country where the temperature is below 0°C it’s a welcome respite to feel the heat in your new country of destination. Throw in the extremely reasonable cost of living where ...

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expat living becoming filipino citizen

Expats Guide: Becoming a Filipino Citizen

A citizenship is something someone is very proud of as this means certainty of membership in a community, political society and of course, the state. Citizenship is defined as the “state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen,” who is “a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community.” There are foreigners ...

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visa application overstaying

Expats Guide: Overstaying

Time flies and before you know it you have exceeded the maximum number of days your visa allows, in the Philippines, it’s visa-free between 7 to 59 days. Exceed the limit of stay and you’re considered an overstaying alien. Then your nightmare begins, what was considered being a fun time turned sour. Overstay will involve deportation, jail time, fines and ...

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