Recommended Money Changers in Makati

After months of research and preparation before coming to the Philippines, you’ve finally arrived in the country. Welcome to your new home! Now that you’re all set, from your workplace to home, it’s time that you get your finances in order. One important thing to know is where to get your currency exchanged to Philippine Peso.

We understand that it’s significant for anyone, whether local or expat, to find money changers that are reliable and secured. It’s your money after all, so you have to be careful who you handle it to.

Good thing there are dependable money changers in Makati that even locals trust. Choose wisely from the list below and discover for yourself. Don’t forget to count your money before leaving the store.

Czarina Foreign Exchange

One of the oldest money exchange dealers in the country is Czarina Foreign Exchange. Established in 1978, it continues to be a reputable name in the country’s foreign exchange trade to date.

Czarina caters to major currencies such as US dollar, Euro, Yen, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar and more. Exchanging your money for Philippine Peso won’t be a problem as they have readily available local bills in store. It’s vital to know, however, that when it’s time to buy a certain currency (i.e. Euro, Japanese Yen, etc), you would have to call their head office at least a week in advance to reserve the money. They will advise you through text or phone call once the currency is available. To be more certain, follow up with them to check if the money you requested for is already on hand.

The company has several branches in Makati, including their main office, so pick the most convenient location for you.

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Sanry’s Money Changer

Sanry’s is another popular money changer in the country. Same with Czarina, it offers competitive exchange rates in the market. Some comment that their rates are higher than most money changers, but it really depends on the time. If you need other currencies other than Philippine Peso, you may need to request in advance to make sure that they have the money you need.

Visit the nearest Sanry’s branch near you and see how far it’ll get your money’s worth.

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Tivoli Money Changer

A favorite among frequent travellers and Filipinos who receive remittances from their families abroad is Tivoli Money Changer. With reasonable exchange rates, clients often flock here as they offer rates that are mostly higher by a few centavos or pesos compared to other stores. Again, this may vary from time to time. It’s still best to research and check out at least three money changers if you have time to see which ones can give more value for your money.

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SM Mall Foreign Exchange Counters

Finding an SM Mall Foreign Exchange Counter can be easy. It usually has a booth along with payment centers inside the grocery store or in the department store.

Exchanging money here requires clients to write down the serial number of each foreign currency so be ready to do that especially when you’re bringing a lot.

The rates are often lower than some of the money changers mentioned above, but if you don’t mind losing a few pesos, this place is perfectly fine.

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