Health is a top human need.

There is the saying – health is wealth – and here in the Philippines, the country is packed with doctors and nurses ready to take are of your medical needs.

From a short term medical checkup, to long term medical treatments – Philippines is a top destination for getting the attention and care you need.


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Now, get scrolling and check out the full list of articles on leveraging the amazing Philippines for your health below.

Why Medical Insurance is Best for You

Why Medical Insurance is Best for You

One thing that’s uncertain in this world is life itself. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Maybe today, you’re in your best form, the next day, sickness hits you like a storm. That’s the absolute reality, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it, does it? Since you’re a professional who’s always on the go, it’s ...

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Expats Guide Healthcare and Insurance Tips in the Philippines

Expats Guide: Healthcare and Insurance Tips in the Philippines

Sickness is a fact of life wherever you are, regardless of age. In the Philippines, there are at least 10 diseases considered common and deadly and many of them have to do with lifestyles and eating habits. So it’s better to be armed with healthcare and insurance tips for expats in the Philippines in case life and fun here alters ...

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applying life insurance in philippines

Expat’s Guide: Applying for Life Insurance

Living in a foreign land makes everything seem more uncertain, which is why you need something to lean on – something that will give you peace of mind that, should the worst happen, people you leave behind will not be left with nothing. A solid life insurance policy can give you this sense of security and more. Getting life insurance ...

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mercury drug philippines

Expats Guide: Drugstores in the Metro

Getting sick can’t be avoided but you’re on your way to recovery with the right drugstore to buy your medicines. The prescription is filled when you present it to the sales clerk; you don’t have to transfer drugstores just to complete the numerous medicines in your prescription. The medicines are not expired and have the best value for your money. ...

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best hospital in metro manila

Hospitals in Metro Manila that are at par with World Standards

The Philippines is one of the go-to medical tourism countries popular to foreigners because of its high standard of healthcare with lower rates compared to their home country. Patients coming from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada spends a mere fraction of what they would back home for the same treatments. Check out the experiences of the locals and expats ...

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