Pros and Cons of Living in Makati

Bright lights, skyscrapers, big city. Welcome to Makati.

Somewhat resembling New York City in terms of the hustle and bustle day in and day out, Makati is every adventurous, sleepless, and goal-getter’s dream city.

However, while it is a delight to have one of those Makati addresses, it can also pose a sense of discomfort, but not enough to cause any panic so chill. It is for these reasons that we created a list of Pros and Cons of what it is like to start a life as an expat in Makati City. Read on and be enlightened.



  1. Center of the Universe- We are not trying to be exaggerated here, but this is true in many forms. Makati is, as we’d like to put it, where all the magic happens. It is the business, shopping and entertainment district of the Philippines. Hence, living in Makati makes you at the center of it all. Office buildings? Check. Major shopping malls? Check. Low to high-end restaurants and bars? Triple check. It is even close to the airport if you need to get in and get out of the country fast! Honestly, you cannot run out of places to go to and activities to plan here. If you are feeling fancy one day, a homebody the next day, there is something for you to do. That is a promise.


  1. Friendly Neighborhood- Since Makati is the country’s central business district, it is very likely that you bump into a fellow expat en route to work or home. At some point, it takes away the feeling of homesickness, which is always a plus when you are in a foreign land. Aside from the familiarity, it helps that Filipinos are by nature quite the hospitable bunch, so you will see friendly smiles here and there.


  1. Rules are Tools- Some motorists try to avoid Makati. Why? Because of stern traffic rules implemented by strict traffic enforcers. It is not a bad thing, if you think about it. You will appreciate the presence of these enforcers because they help keep the city in order. It really is about discipline and if rules scare you, you are probably planning something fishy on the road. Beware because the traffic gods can smell you from 100 meters so follow the rules and try not to be a fool.


  1. A Place to Collaborate- Makati is a vibrant city. It is the melting pot of both local and foreign creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals. If you find the right network, you will blend in just about right. Here you are most likely to meet like-minded people with the same vision and passion as you do and when you meet one or more of them, may the magic of collaboration dwell upon you and make your next big idea a reality.



  1. Traffic is your Jam- Because Makati is a hip and happening place, a lot of people flock here for business and pleasure. With such comings and goings, expect hundreds of vehicles- both private and public- travelling in and out every hour, seven days a week. Prepare for the worst especially during rush hour on weekdays and sometimes, on Saturdays. You can breathe a little on Sundays, so mark your calendar for a Sunday brunch or Sunday run.


  1. No to Pollution- When there is traffic, what mostly follows is air and noise pollution. If you are health-conscious and want more space to breathe, the busy streets may get you rethinking living in Makati. But if you find jogging around tall buildings and cars here and there a normal kind of day, then you and this city belong together.


  1. Expensive Living- Living on a prime location means one thing: money, money, money! Cost for apartments and condominiums are definitely high here compared to other cities. Parking spaces can be a nightmare too. So walk when you can. Food choices are also far from being scarce here as there are restaurants in every corner. However, eating in a restaurant everyday can pile up the bill, so you may want to fix yourself some lunch at home as it can be both cost-efficient and nutritious for you.


Have you made up your mind about living in Makati yet? We hope you have. Admittedly, there really is no perfect home. But if you feel like that the pros outweigh the cons, we suggest that you follow your gut.


At the end of the day, experience is really the best teacher. If Makati works for you and brings even the tiniest spec of home to you, then keep it and call it “home sweet home”.

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