• Expat’s Guide Find the Right Tutorial Center in Manila

    Expats Guide: Find the Right Tutorial Center in Manila

    As a parent, one of the biggest worries you encounter is being able to help your child reach his or her academic potential early on. While some children are able to excel in school without any external help whatsoever, there are kids who have a harder time in developing...
  • International Schools in Manila

    Expats Guide: International Schools – Are They Worth It and what is the Cost?

    If there is one thing that stresses expats with families, it’s probably where to enroll their children for the incoming semester. Traveling is especially taxing for children who have no option but to move from one school to another every year (or worse, every quarter). When left with no...
  • Choosing the right school for your child

    Expats Guide: Finding the Right School in the Philippines

    It’s hard to imagine being an expat and having to relocate your whole family to a new country and be exposed to a totally different culture. You must have a lot of things going through your mind. In your new city, you search for the safest and most accessible...
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