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Filipino has a wide selection of food – from international delicacies to local specialties, this is a heaven for foodies from all around the world.

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Filipino Dishes

5 Must Know Filipino Dishes to Cook to Survive Anywhere

The Philippines is home to a hospitable community, which is one of the outstanding characteristics of its citizens. So every time there are guests, home cooked specialties are always served fresh and hot. People in the Philippines are also fond of field trips, trekking and / or overnight stays that are far from home over the weekends. You’ll be amazed by the awesome selection of food varieties below that should be known because you can cook these everywhere.

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Filipino Desserts

Filipino Desserts That are Sure to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

In the Philippines, it is normal to drink soda with food, add sugar to milk, drink sweetened brewed or black coffee and add sugar to any regular tea. The country just loves sugar so much. So if you love sweets, you should check out some of the most famous Filipino desserts that will surely be added to your favorites list.

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Popular Filipino Foods

Popular Filipino Foods with Hidden Meanings for Special Occasions

A notable Filipino trait is that they love their food, and food always brings people together whether it be with friends, families or colleagues. Filipinos are very religious and superstitious, with beliefs coming from their elders and ancestors. In fact, they associate food into special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, etc., believing that these practices will bring good fortune to them.

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Welsh Deli: Providing the Best British Food in Town!

Living in Manila and looking for authentic sausages, bacon, meat pies, and other traditional British-style specialties? Look no further! The Welsh Deli provides all of these together with top-quality meat cuts. As all products are delivered fresh (so they be safely frozen), orders need to be placed a minimum of one week in advance. To accommodate those with limited storage ...

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Authentic French Salted Caramel Spread Now In Manila

Caramel is a sweet, confectionery ingredient made primarily from sugar and is a common part of most traditional Filipino desserts. Combining caramel with salt is a foreign concept but has grown to be a popular flavour for cakes or ice cream here in Philippines. Although it is not a new food concept here, real French salted caramel is perhaps not ...

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Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse Tour

I stumbled across the Nipa Brew Taproom & Brewhouse by chance as I had a meeting in the area at 7 in the evening and didn’t want to sit in traffic for ages. A quick Google search and look on their website, it seemed an obvious choice to have a couple of beers before my dinner meeting. My waitress, Shane, ...

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Must-try Filipino Street Foods

A fun time in the Philippines will not be complete without sampling the delectable Filipino street foods. Immerse in Filipino culture, learn why it is a way of life for people in this part of the world. Get hold of these native delicacies that you’ll find throughout the country. Hawkers sell them in stationary stalls or through mobile ways by ...

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Sofitel Manila New Year 2019

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Welcomes 2019

November 2018 | Say bienvenue to 2019 as Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila celebrates the New Year with a series of animations, gastronomy and special events.   Table of Contents Bonne Année: New Year’s Special by Sofitel Philippine Plaza ManilaNew Year’s Eve Countdown at SpiralSunset Bar’s New Year’s Eve SpecialNew Year’s Eve After-Party at Le Bar Bonne Année: New Year’s Special ...

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Locally Brewed Beers You Should Try (And Where to Get Them!)

Nothing beats the feeling of taking your first gulp of ice-cold beer after a long, tiring workday. For beer lovers, it is the perfect stress buster. Whether you experience it at home to perfectly accompany your Netflix-and-chill time or in a bar with friends or colleagues, a nicely brewed beer is always a good choice. In the Philippines, there are ...

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Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Celebrates Art De Noël Featuring The Enchanted Journey

November 2018 | Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila celebrates the festive season with Art de Noël featuring The Enchanted Journey. Experience a voyage through the yuletide offerings at Sofitel’s Le Marché de Noël featuring traditional Christmas toys, memorable and rich selection of festive culinary treats. Discover a wonderland of seasonal adornments featuring a vintage propeller plane, hot air balloons, a 30-foot ...

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Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Unveils the Newly Transformed Bayside Haven, Sunset Bar

November 2018 | Capture the magic of the Manila Bay sunset from as Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila unveils the newly transformed urban paradise — Sunset Bar. Showcasing a picturesque bayside dining destination, Sunset Bar presents the quintessential an outdoor poolside paradise for barbecues, cocktails, and the most exciting parties in the metro.   Unwind at Sunset Bar with its vibrant ...

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Expats Favorite Pubs to Hang Out

Expats Favorite Pubs to Hang Out

Pubs offer different services. Some are karaoke joints, some provide live bands, and some are the wholesome kind serving food and alcohol. What tickles Joe’s fancy doesn’t mean it will work for you. For one thing, Joe likes pubs with live bands. In contrast, you prefer a quiet setting talking with someone while drinking and eating pulutan, finger foods. For ...

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Crayfish Party 2018 A True Nordic Feast at Sofitel Manila

Crayfish Party 2018 Review: A True Nordic Feast at Sofitel Manila

NordCham Philippines in partnership of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila hosted its annual and largest charity event of the year. As expected a long and distinguished guest list came from far and wide to support this famous event that was held last Saturday, September 8, 2018. In typical party fashion, the party went well into the night and the festivities lasted ...

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The Cheese Club of the Philippines

Cheese, Anyone?

Do you know there is such a thing as a Cheese Club in Manila? Sometime in mid-2015, not long after arriving in Manila, a friend who is a member of the Club invited me to this interesting event that is held monthly at the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park, Makati City. I got to enjoy several sessions and was ...

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Nikkei A Fusion of Japanese and Peruvian Cuisine

Nikkei – A Fusion of Japanese and Peruvian Cuisine

For those of you who may not be familiar with Rockwell Center in Makati, it enjoys one of the highest density of restaurants in Asia, I couldn’t possibly begin to count the number of eateries, but it must close to 100. Most of the restaurants are situated in and around the Power Plant Mall, however there is another group of ...

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Hole in the Walls within Metro Manila that are Pocket Friendly

Hole-in-the-Walls within Metro Manila that are Pocket-Friendly

You need not circle the globe just to satisfy your delicate palate, savor these foodies right here in the metro. Maybe you’re thinking of high prices for quality food – Nope, not true! Fret not, there are hole-in-the-walls offering culinary gourmet at affordable prices that will raise the eyebrows of Michelin chefs Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, et al. These dot ...

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DonostiPintxos Tapas

A Little Bit of Spain in Bonifacio Global City

Donosti was a personal recommendation from a great friend who is a real “foody”, and is famous, or maybe infamous, for great recommendations, however he excelled himself with the recommendation of Donosti. It’s in the heart of BGC and conveniently located for those who live and work in BGC and close the CBD in Makati, however it can take in ...

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Philippine Festivals in Honor of Animals and Crops

Philippine Festivals in Honor of Animals and Crops

The Philippine festivals were influenced by Spain. Almost every city and municipality celebrate to honor their patron saint, the numbers are ginormous with 145 and 1,489 respectively spread all over the country. And this does not include the 42,029 barangays which have their own celebration of a fiesta. But do you know that not all are in honor of patron ...

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Korean restaurants

Expats Guide: 5 Korean Restaurants to get Your Korean Food Fix

One Asian cuisine that is making so much noise in the food industry now is Korean food! Undoubtedly one of the most delicious cuisines there is, Koreans have been at the forefront of the food industry with scrumptious dishes such as Korean BBQ (thinly sliced beef or pork strips grilled to mouthwatering perfection), Samgyeopsal (3-layered grilled pork belly) and Bibimbap ...

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Artisanal Coffee Shops to Spend Your Afternoons

Five Artisanal Coffee Shops to Spend Your Afternoons

Days and months fly by so quickly and you’ve probably settled in your new home in the Philippines. Congratulations! What’s next then? You’re slowly growing your own directory of establishments to visit regularly until you realize you’re missing one thing: Coffee shops! Well, don’t worry! There are some things you can’t rush- like finding the perfect cup of coffee in ...

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filipino food

Filipino Food to fill an Expat’s Hungry Tummy

With 7,641 islands, the Philippines has an abundance of unique ingredients offered from each region. Creative cooks use these to concoct delicious food that will satisfy even the most delicate taste buds. No wonder if you’re surfing in Baler, exploring mysterious Palawan or partying at Boracay you will notice that every food is distinct for every province that you have ...

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expat living sushi japanese

Expats Guide: Food Stops to Get the Best Sushi in Metro Manila

Whenever we feel tired and stressed after a long day at work, we usually head out to our favorite restaurants to get our dose of comfort food to end the day on a high note. Everyone has their own preferred choice of comfort foods, with some going for American dishes (that burger, fries and shake combo sounds to die for!), ...

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balut philippines

Expats Guide: Balut, A Culinary Fascination around the Globe

Balut is a developing duck embryo that is hard-boiled and eaten directly from the shell. Perhaps you’ve heard about it as the object of culinary fascination around the world. Balut is stapled street food in the Philippines which has dismayed even the most adventurous foodies with its carnal structures. But once you’ve overcome your hang-ups you’re on your way to ...

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philippine vegetables expat living

Go Healthy eat Philippine Veggies

Perhaps you have heard of Philippine fresh vegetables or seen them but haven’t actually tasted them. If you haven’t you’re actually missing some of life’s delightful pleasures. Several of these are cooked individually or mixed with others to come up with a succulent dish that will satisfy even the most delicate palate. You might be surprised to find them in ...

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public market philippines

Expats Guide: Basic Filipino Terms used in the Market

Foreigners won’t have a hard time communicating in English since this is considered as the second language of Filipinos and spoken by many. Your Filipino counterpart will pick out some words you said to get the gist of your message. Don’t expect them to be fluent in carrying out a conversation but they will do their best to reply in ...

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philippines fruit stand

Fruits You will Find in the Philippines

The Philippines is blessed with a tropical climate that makes it possible to grow the most delicious exotic fruits on this side of the globe. The fruits that are harvested are high-quality no wonder the global demand for tropical fruits is increasing. If you happen to be in the Philippine in your next travel make sure to try the following ...

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healthy grocery expat living philippines

Shops for the Health Conscious Buffs

Nowadays, you would often see health-conscious people checking the ingredients and nutritional facts of a product if it is organic or synthetic before a purchase. This is quite a shift from the buying habits of yesteryears, patrons don’t bother to check this info. There is a rise in the demand for healthy food and drinks in the Philippines. This can ...

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