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Immigration Entering Philippines

Immigration for Foreigners Entering the Philippines

Please note that the information changes on a daily basis and you should check with the Philippine Embassy in whichever country you are intending to fly from. Airlines will sell, in most cases, happily take your money and sell you a ticket, however upon check-in you must have the correct documents such as as a relevant visa and/or an exit ticket out of the country.

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Retirement Visa in the Philippines Made Simple

Retirement Visa in the Philippines Made Simple

The Philippines is fast becoming the favorite retirement haven of foreign nationals. More so now when retirement visa in the Philippines is made simple. That’s besides the fact that the country is the 25th retirement choice in the world, says the Global Retirement Index Ranks of International Living. The tropical climate, friendly and hospitable locals and cheaper cost of living ...

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Accessing Your Pension When Retiring Overseas

Expats Guide: Accessing Your Pension When Retiring Overseas

Retirement becomes a more exciting prospect when you plan to retire abroad. You get a fresh new start. But like everything else in life, it needs funding. Retirement overseas is likely to be funded with retirement pension. So, you probably wonder if accessing your pension when retiring overseas is possible. What rules apply?   Table of Contents Yes You Can, ...

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Expats Moving To Philippines 1

Is The Country Still An Attractive Place For Expats?

It’s never all fairytale stories of happy endings in the Philippines according to some headlines. But what do the foreigners living abroad, who have never visited the country yet, think about it? Do this tropical country have more expats moving to the Philippines? Foreigners say otherwise from the headlines. So, why is this island country in the western Pacific one ...

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pros cons retiring philippines

Why Considering A Whole Range Of Metrics Is Essential Before Relocating: The Pros And Cons Of Retiring In The Philippines

Once a country unsound of the radar of most future expats, there’s now a considerable evolution in the Philippines becoming a famous expat hot spot. But let’s face it, it’s another thing actually to retire and live in the Philippines than touring. And like everything in life, there are pros and cons of retiring in the Philippines. The Philippines is ...

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retirement in philippines

Retiring to the Philippines: Your Best Move

After spending a great number of years in the corporate world and raising a family, it’s time to wear a new hat as a retiree. If you live in a country where the temperature is below 0°C it’s a welcome respite to feel the heat in your new country of destination. Throw in the extremely reasonable cost of living where ...

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relocating in the philippines

Know Before You Go: Relocating to the Philippines

An international move is a major undertaking and relocating to the Philippines is one of the most significant events in one’s life. It’s natural to have lots of question since you are eased out from your comfort zone and transferred to another environment. Find answers to your questions before traveling so you won’t feel like a foreigner in a foreign ...

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