Shops for the Health Conscious Buffs

Nowadays, you would often see health-conscious people checking the ingredients and nutritional facts of a product if it is organic or synthetic before a purchase. This is quite a shift from the buying habits of yesteryears, patrons don’t bother to check this info.

There is a rise in the demand for healthy food and drinks in the Philippines. This can be credited to the growing young affluent populace, rising disposable income, and awareness about the health and safety benefits of going organic.

Filipinos are growing conscious about the negative effects of unhealthy food intake. They are mindful of lifestyle-related illnesses that include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. At an early age, they patronize healthy meals, intake of maintenance medicine, and into physical fitness activities to keep the body fit and trim.

So whether you’re a die-hard vegetarian, environment-friendly citizen, or a healthy buff, there is an abundance of eco-friendly shops just for you. These are not the ordinary healthy aisles in supermarkets but shops that are committed to organic and natural food.



All products that are sold in the branches are proudly Filipino that is healthy and environment- friendly. ECHOstore offers items that are needed daily for body care, cleaning materials, toiletries, condiments, and foodstuff. Before filling up your shopping cart have a coffee or lunch break and indulge in coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, kinds of pasta, and salads. But you’ll find their portions are small compared to the regular serving, reach out for healthy snacks from their shelf to satisfy your hunger.


Real Food

Real Food store is tailor-made to satisfy the delicate palate of vegetarians. Their shelves are filled with a variety of organic ingredients from pasture-raised chicken to basil that you can replant. They have gluten-free products, grass-fed ice cream, and vegetarian delicacies.


Healthy Options

Healthy Options have a better alternative to grocery items that are used daily such as vitamins, snacks, farm produce, and food for dogs and cats. All products are assessed to ensure that ingredients are organic and all-natural. No fillers and by-products to take the place of the actual ingredient to cut costs, these are harmful to the health.


Earth Origins Marketplace+Café

Shop at Earth Origins Marketplace+Café for organic vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, ingredients, condiments, household cleaning, and personal care products. Check out the small café but big in food, expect all kinds of vegetable salad and the ingredients are freshly picked from the farm. Are you craving some meat? Try their organic grilled pork chop or their chicken a la king just perfect to fill your hungry tummy.


Holy Carabao Holistic Farm

At Holy Carabao Holistic Farm all farm animals like chickens, horses, sheep, goat, pigs, and carabao are raised in a roam free setting. Vegetables galore, a glorious day for vegans. You can savor their farm produce while waiting for your order. There are the freshly made carabao butter and milk, juices made from local fruits, meat prepared just the way you want it, ingredient and condiments to make your viand “muy delicioso,” and farm picked veggies.



Definitely an eco-friendly store because they ask you to bring your own containers, they aren’t a fan of plastic bags. Ritual sells organic Philippine products such as food items, cleaning products, and ingenious tools. FYI, they do not sell meat products.



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