Nikkei – A Fusion of Japanese and Peruvian Cuisine

For those of you who may not be familiar with Rockwell Center in Makati, it enjoys one of the highest density of restaurants in Asia, I couldn’t possibly begin to count the number of eateries, but it must close to 100. Most of the restaurants are situated in and around the Power Plant Mall, however there is another group of restaurants underneath One Rockwell Condominium, on Rockwell Drive. Of course, parking is always an issue in Makati. Good news,  there’s always space and the entrance is on the Rockwell Drive, just before Estrella St.

Within this row of restaurants is one of my favorites in Rockwell is Nikkei, which specializes in Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine. Whilst this maybe new to the Philippines, I’m informed this is the new food trend in London, New York, and Sydney. Nikkei have three outlets: Rockwell Center in Makati, Rada and The Podium. The outlet in Rockwell Center offers outdoors seating and indoor seating on 2 levels as well as seating at the sushi bar, so whatever your preference is, you won’t be disappointed.


Nikkei Rockwell Center Makati

Credit to Nikkei Philippines


Wherever you choose to sit, you will have a very pleasant experience as the décor is very nice inside with a light wood ambience and outside there are tables for 6. Outside is my preferred choice as it’s nice and breezy. Service is always great with well informed and attentive waiters and waitresses.

On this visit, we chose to start with Salmon (Php250) and Snapper Sashimi (Php250), plus the Negiri Sushi platter (Php420). Despite being separate dishes, they served a very attractive arrangement. The textures were tremendous, and you can tell that the fish was beautifully fresh, the house Chardonnay at Php250 was a great accompaniment to the food, the sushi has a Peruvian twist to it and tasted fantastic.


Nikkei Salmon & Snapper Sashimi & Negiri Sushi Platter

Nikkei Salmon & Snapper Sashimi & Negiri Sushi Platter


On my previous visits I have tried the Peruvian sashimi, Tiraditos, which was absolutely delicious, as is the Ceviches. Ceviches is raw fish or seafood marinated in Leche De Tigre, one of the most popular dishes at Nikkei and highly recommended. The Spicy Tuna Tartare (Php 395) is another favorite of mine, served with a fried egg. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

I would recommend you pause before ordering your second course as the food is served very quickly, this allows you to order as you wish and as your stomach will allow. For the second course we decided to order a Peruvian dish, Lamo Saltado (Php480). A sautéed tenderloin, with onions, green and red peppers and other assorted vegetables, with French fries and poached egg on the side, differently delicious. The flavors and textures are beautiful, and the sauce is wonderful, it’s a must try!


Nikkei Lamo Saltado

Lamo Saltado Php480


Nikkei makes sure the menu is small and simple but adds new dishes frequently and helpfully post a new banner by the dishes. They also have special offers such as free flow Beer for 4 hours with 5 pieces of Sushi for Php899+. Also during June there is a Jazz night every Wednesday from 8pm.

This is far from the first time I have eaten at Nikkei, having given them my custom since they opened last year. It’s a great combination of good service, nice ambience and reasonable prices. Give it a try and make sure you tell them you read the review at


Restaurant: Nikkei

Address: 71 Rockwell Dr, Makati, Metro Manila

Phone: +63 916 636 9817


Matthew Stuart FIMI

Matthew Stuart FIMI

Matt is British and 3rd generation Automotive Professional with 35 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry. Matt has worked in Senior Management positions in the UK and Asia, having been based on Asia since 2003. Passionate about anything Automotive and a fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry. Matt enjoys dining and entertaining, he is on the Board of Trustees of the Cheese Club of the Philippines.

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    Dined at Nikkei just recently and completely agree with this review. Very nice food, staff, service and ambience! The beer deal is particularly good value for imported beer.

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    I am a regular at Nikkei as I live just above it at One Rockwell. It’s awesome. Definitely one of my favourite restaurants in the metro.

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    We love this resto, thank you for sharing and I recommend everyone check out this place.

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