Top 5 Diving Spots in Anilao, Batangas

One of the most popular road trip destinations just a stone’s throw away from Manila is Batangas. Just a couple of hours down south, Batangas is the most accessible place for a quick beach getaway. For some rest and relaxation, Nasugbu is the home of many resorts such as Canyon Cove and Punta Fuego. For divers, there is Anilao in Mabini, Batangas, which houses resorts that can take you to nearby diving spots.

A lot of new resorts have sprung up in Anilao due to the increase of tourists who have frequented the town for a weekend dive. In this article, we list down our top 5 suggested diving spots you can head to in Anilao.


 1. The Cathedral – With an average depth of 90ft and a maximum of 200ft, The Cathedral is known as one of the best Philippine diving spots. With a calm condition with occasional strong currents, exploring this site has become a favorite for many local and foreign divers.

It is called The Cathedral because as you go deeper into the heart of the dive site, you will see a small coral encrusted cross-situated between 2 humungous rocks which was brought by former Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos.

Because it is a Marine Park sanctuary, there is a lot to discover here. A ton of sea creatures and corals can be found here. Colorful sponges and nudibranchs, hydroids and sea squirts are also familiar sights when diving in this site. Small fishes like angelfish, wrasse and butterflyfish are just some of the living creatures you can see here. It truly feels like a different world when you’re underwater.


2. Twin Rocks – Twin Rocks is the most in demand dive site in Anilao and one of the most appreciated by underwater photographers. With an average depth of 20ft and maximum of 40 ft, this dive site is accessed thru a 20-25 minute banca ride. Trust us, the trip is well worth it.

One of the suggested diving spots for novice divers where you can see underwater creatures such as tropical reef fish and schools of barracuda and squid, it was named Twin Rocks because of the site had a capsized barge and two big rocks placed just beside each other. Some divers were also lucky to see large Spanish Dancers where in one instance, a shrimp was riding on it. Wouldn’t that be the kind of scene you would’ve loved to see?


3. Sepoc Wall – The Sepoc Wall has an average depth of 50ft and a maximum of 90ft with calm and medium currents. However, it has been reported that strong currents in this site can reach 100ft. This dive site is covered with a variety of soft and hard corals and is suggested for beginner divers as well.

This diving spot is rich with marine life. With shallow waters giving a sneak peek of small reef fishes, trying out your scuba diving skills in this place will be a blast!


4. Bonito Dive Site – The Bonito dive site is a good 45 minute to an hour boat from Eagle’s Point– a popular diving resort in Anilao. It has an average depth of 60 ft and a maximum depth of 80 ft. Known as a diver’s paradise, the site provides divers a peek into the real beauty of the underwater world, with marine sanctuaries and patches of coral heads on sandy slopes.

Some of the types of tropical fish you can expect to see here are sweetlips, surgeon fish, snappers and tuna. Whenever there is a current, shoals of jacks, and fusiliers can be spotted in the area. Surrounded by sandy areas, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, stingrays and moray eels can be found.


5. Kirby’s Rock – Another diving spot near Eagle’s Point, you need to ride a 10-minute boat ride to get here from the resort. This dive site has an average depth of 40ft and maximum depth of 108ft, one of the deepest sites you can venture out into in Anilao.

A site with calm but strong currents, divers should be knowledgeable in tide tables. Tour guides and local scuba diving experts would advise divers to choose relaxed waters and stay on shallow reefs. Because of its depth, it is very important to heed the suggestions of your partner tour guides to make sure that everything goes on without a hitch.

Upon exploring the site, you will see a small cave. Some of the underwater life to discover in this area are sweetlips, emperor fish, surgeons and of course, lots of clown fish.


These are just five of the many diving spots you can explore when in Anilao, Marine life truly is beautifully abundant here in the Philippines and Anilao is just one of the many places to see its gorgeousness. Because Anilao has become a favorite diving location, locals can definitely help in suggesting which sites to see based on your capabilities as a diver. Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice just wanting to explore, Anilao has numerous diving spots you can and should check out.

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