Expats Guide: Types of Accommodations in the PH for Every Type of Traveler

Planning a trip to the Philippines anytime soon? Whether it’s for a vacation, a business trip or a long-term stay, here is a breakdown a of possible accommodations you can choose from based on your preference and length of stay.


1) Condominium

In almost every part of the country, you can see different condo buildings. Whether high-rise or midrise, it’s one of the most popular accommodation options you can opt for once you land in the Philippines.

What’s good about living in condominiums is that everything is close to your home. Malls, restaurants, schools and more are all within the vicinity of the more popular condominium properties in the country. Benefits in occupying condominiums include high security, amenities and privacy. Plus, most condos offer premiere amenities such as swimming pools, basketball courts and gyms, function rooms and a garden area where families and friends can bond.

Some units can be rented out for a couple of days up to several months while you also have the option to lease it for a year. If you’re thinking of buying your own unit, you will just need to secure certain papers.

Condominium units are suggested for those who are travelling alone or with a single companion.


2) House

If you plan to stay for at least 6 months and are bringing the whole family then renting a house might be the better option for you. Renting a house is practical for those who plan to travel with a big company, whether your family or colleagues who will be assigned to work in the same area. You can rent a house with multiple rooms so you can still have your own privacy. Similar to a condo, owning your own home in the Philippines will definitely require a lot of papers plus a naturalized or native Filipino to partner with you on your purchase.


3) Hotels

For those who want comfort, luxury and convenience as they travel, staying in luxurious hotels should be your preferred choice of accommodation. Aside from the getting the comfort in staying in nice hotel rooms, the convenience of ordering food, security during your stay and enjoying the resort-like amenities are top reasons why people chose to stay in hotels when traveling. This option is only advisable for small groups, maybe around 2 to 4 people, and for those who only play to stay for a maximum of 5 days. Not economically suggested especially when staying longer as rates of hotels are higher compared to other accommodation options.


4) Hostels

For the more adventurous and always on the go – hostels should be your top of mind option when travelling to the Philippines. Slowly, hostels are on the rise left and right with the Philippines being one of the top destinations for backpacking travellers. Hostels are a practical choice for travellers who are living on a strict budget and for those who have no complaints as long as they have a place where they can stay.

Hostels can be rented out on a per day basis, which are offered at a cheaper price. Some hostels even offer a common area for their guests where they can just relax and chill together with the other guests. Most hostels can be found near the beautiful beaches in the Philippines as an option for travellers who just want a place where they can leave their stuff, go out and enjoy the beaches. In the Metro, hostels are also available for those who want to enjoy the city life within a cheap budget.

Most hostels will have common rooms with multiple beds and also common washrooms. This type of accommodation is suggested for those who are willing to share rooms and amenities with strangers and for those who can withstand the tropical weather. Most hostels offer fan rooms, which is why it’s better to go for this option during the cooler months in the country.


5) Apartments

Apartments are a cheaper option for those who are looking to stay in condominiums but are on a tight budget. Apartments and condominium units are almost similar in terms of room composition such as having a living room, kitchen, bedroom/s and bathrooms. Apartments, though, are usually found in low-rise buildings and do not have the amenities offered by condominium buildings such as pools, courts, gyms, etc. Apartments are also good for longer stays as it’s offered at a way cheaper price compared to condominiums and hotels.

These are some of the top choices you can look at upon visiting the Philippines. Choose the best accommodation options based on your preference, budget and length of stay. One thing’s for sure is you’ll find everyone here in the country hospitable and approachable.

Expats in the Philipppines

Expats in the Philipppines

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