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Expatriates – popularly known as foreigners, aliens or to put it simply, people who chose to live outside of their native country. Society has stereotyped expats as someone different, constantly reminding them of who they are supposed to be. But imagine a place that is so culturally diverse, that its natives will welcome you with open arms and genuine smiles – a community that will support you for who you want to be instead of who you are supposed to be.

This kind of place does exist and is famously known as the pearl of the orient seas – The Philippines.

Expats in the Philippines

Based on the latest census, the Philippines has over 200,000 or more expats living in the country and has continued to grow since then. Given the rapid growth of the expat population in the Philippines, it is undoubtedly one of the most preferred locations in the world. Recent HSBC expat explorer survey shows that the Philippines earned the 24th spot in the list of the most preferred countries to settle down in.

With the initiative of the PH Government to attract more expats to choose the Philippines, the population is expected to grow even more. In fact, the Department of Tourism even has a special corporation dedicated to cater to retirees in order for them to have a comfortable transition and stay.

Reasons to Choose the Philippines

Low Cost of Living

Quality products and services are generally associated with high costs, unless you live in the Philippines. The cost of living in the Philippines will definitely depend on the lifestyle that you choose. But an expat can definitely live comfortably here on a low budget. According to, an international price comparison website, a one-bedroom apartment is between $185 and $270 per month on average while near-cities costs a bit more. However, it can get better if you try to live like a local, eat where they eat and shop where they shop.

Prices can go as low as $2 – $3 for a full course meal. Public transportation cost is one of the most affordable in the world. Utilities, basic services such as laundry, housekeeping etc., and even leisure are more affordable than other countries. Cost of living in the Philippines is 44.63% lower than that of the United States. With an average of Social Security benefit of $1,404 per month, it’s already more than enough to cover your basic necessities. So even with a tight budget, the Philippines will definitely accommodate you comfortably.

Multi-Cultural Community

The Philippines has a community that is rich in different cultures. What is even more surprising is that it is not limited to the local Philippine culture. The culture of the Philippines is a mixture of traditional Filipino, Spanish Catholics, and Chinese with additional influences from America and other parts of Asia. Living in the Philippines is a unique experience where you will be immersed to several different cultures at the same time. You’ll learn more than one culture, more than one tradition, more than one country.

Hidden Gems

Pearl of the orient seas – the Philippines boasts its amazing beaches and beautiful natural landscapes scattered across the archipelago. It is a tropical country with summer vibes almost all year, so it is always a great time to go visit the beaches. With over 7,164 islands, of which only about 2,000 are inhabited, the Philippines has a stash of hidden gems yet to be discovered.

An average Filipino citizen has only visited a few of these islands, giving expats a chance to explore more of the archipelago than that of a local. You’ll never get tired of visiting different spots all throughout your stay.


According to the World Bank, despite the global uncertainties, the Philippine economy continues to be strong and is even projected to grow in the coming years. Building a business here is definitely worth a try or even finding a job is not an issue as the country gives equal opportunities to expats.


The best reason to choose the Philippines – the Filipinos. The natives are very well-known for being hospitable. Guests both local and international are warmly welcomed and treated with respect. For as long as respect is given to them and their culture, expats will be treated as one of their own, even like a family member.

Filipinos have strong family ties, affectionate, religious and they value a person’s characteristics greatly. Based on HSBC’s expat survey, the Philippines has the second highest satisfaction rate on ease of settling in. Filipinos are friendly, gives a welcoming atmosphere, and most of the population will really put effort in order to be able to successfully communicate.

Top Nationalities in the Philippines


Americans have the highest expat population as of latest available data. History also tells that after the Philippines got their independence from the American colonization, many Americans chose to remain in the Philippines. The common reason why the Americans choose to stay in the Philippines is because they want to build a family. Most of the expats in the Philippines choose to settle down with a Filipina wife.


The Chinese population can be just as many as the American population in the Philippines. With the growing influence of Chinese in the Philippines, their population also continues to grow. Common reason of them choosing the country is education and business. They send their kids to Philippine universities while they also build up their business either in the Philippines or abroad.


The Japanese and Filipinos didn’t really have a good history due to the Japanese occupation. However relations have already been good since then. While a few of the Japanese expats choose to stay in the Philippines in order to settle down with a Filipina wife, they are also here for leisure and business.


The Indian population has continued to grow over the years due to several factors. Indians are financing the small scale Filipino vendors, they provide money lending services to vendors with no capitals. There is also a rise of enrollees in medical schools as they find the Philippine universities to be affordable while also providing quality education. Due to the growing Indian expats population, Indian restaurants have also become available around the country.

The Philippines Welcomes You

Are you still undecided? Take this as the sign that you have been waiting for. Choose the Philippines as your second home! Because in the Philippines, you are valued, you are appreciated and most definitely, you are welcome anytime!

Expats in the Philipppines

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