Movie Screening of “Honor: The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos”

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The full-length documentary is about the life and legacy of the greatest Filipino hero of World War II, Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos. His life story  is weaved together through interviews with descendants, top World War 2 Philippine historians, official documents, and excerpts from articles written by Abad Santos’ son, Pepito, who was with his father through his last days.

Dan Sheneill, Angeli Dione Gomez, Alex Medina, Marlon Mance, Marina Benipayo, and Ricardo Cepeda

DIRECTOR Bani Logroño WRITERS Bani Logroño, Desiree Ann Cua Benipayo EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Mario Benipayo, Desiree Ann Cua Benipayo PRODUCERS Lucky Guillermo, Mai Guillermo Logroño CINEMATOGRAPHY Yves Real Jamero EDITING Bani Logroño SOUND Mark Laccay




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