ECCP: Water Challenge Forum 2018

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New developments in the Philippine water sector are perhaps one area where advocates aspire to see more happening. It is without doubt that we see more talk than action on the country’s sustainable water future. While everybody agrees that we can live without most things but not without water, there appears to be a low public appreciation on the importance of water to this day. While occasionally our farmers are hit by drought and people suffer from temporary water shortages as well as many have no access to clean water, on the whole no one feels that there is a serious water crisis hitting the country to be alarmed about and so this leads to a “why act now” attitude.

Setting aside this public attitude towards water, the flipside is the need of the private sector to increase competitiveness by managing resources well, addressing market requirements and ensuring that business is built on the foundation of sustainability and resiliency. Looking at the water sector from this business lens, offers a different perspective and motivation to see faster developments in the water sector of the country as well as to address water challenges head on.

It is in this race to gain a market edge among businesses and investors where we find more appreciation for water as it contributes to the aspired competitiveness and profitability that businesses desire. In this arena, water is appreciated and where business opportunities lie.

It is within this context that the Water Challenge Forum 2018 is being organized.


In particular, the Forum will serve as a platform for dialogue in discussing the following:
  • SESSION 1: Improving Water Resource Governance and Management among Stakeholders
  • SESSION 2: Investing in Water Infrastructure Opportunities
  • SESSION 3: Exploring Public-Private Sector Partnerships in the Local Service Delivery of Water and Sanitation
  • SESSION 4: Adopting Innovative Technologies to address Water Challenges


  1. To provide an update on recent developments in the Philippine water sector and discuss policy, programs and projects initiated by the National Government Agencies and Local Government Units;
  2. To engage non-government organizations and international organizations to share their insights and programs on developing the Philippine water sector;
  3. To highlight business opportunities in the water sector; and
  4. To showcase innovative technologies that addresses the water challenges.


  • Business Executives
  • National Government Officials
  • Local Government Officials
  • International Organizations Representatives
  • Water Utilities/Water Districts Representatives
  • Water Solutions Providers
  • Water Program and Projects Implementers
  • Academe
  • Non-Government Organization Representatives
  • Architects, Environmental Planners and Engineers
  • Property Developers
  • Professional Consultants


To register, contact Kamyr Catapang at or call (02) 845-1324

Early Bird Rate (Until July 20)     PHP 3,000
ECCP Members     PHP 3,500
Non-Members     PHP 3,900
Government & Academe     PHP 2,000
Executive Table (10 persons)     PHP 31,500

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