Pet Lovers’ Guide to Flying with Pets in the Philippines

Pets are an integral part of the family. And leaving your dog behind for a vacation will make you feel edgy. A lot of negative thoughts spin to your head you can’t seem to enjoy the moment.


The caretaker might do a sloppy job taking care of Fido. There’s a greater chance of missed feedings, walks, medicines, and at most – accidents. He will experience loneliness and stress if he sees none of the family members.


So, the next time you plan a getaway consider bringing Fido. See him take part in your adventures. Like a baby, he is still shaping his character. It will be worthwhile to see Fido meet new encounters, reckless, and more daring.


But it’s not that simple there are things that need to be done before you can fly with your pet.


Secure a permit

Get a permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture at Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

Fido need not be present, but you need to show his current vaccination record. In case you can’t make it your representative should present an authorization letter to avoid issues. Provide the following information in the bureau’s official form:


  • Name of Shipper/Traveler:
  • Address:
  • Destination Address:
  • Type of Animal:
  • Date of travel:
  • Purpose of travel:
  • Type of transport:
  • Animal breed:
  • Animal sex:
  • Animal color:
  • Animal date of birth/age:


Domestic Travel by Plane

  1. Select your airline; PAL, Cebu Pacific, and Air Philippines accept living animals. Inform the airlines you will bring a pet and check their pet policy. Notify them about the kind, size, and the number of animals with you. Inquire where the pet will be off-loaded so you can collect your pet at the destination.


  1. Crate your pet the size should be big enough to accommodate him for a comfortable and pleasant journey. Dogs and cats need a hard shell or steel crates with steel bolts to keep the top and bottom layers together. The wire door must have a clipped bowl for feeding and drinking. There should be a basin underneath to catch any discharge. Provide a door lock to keep the door shut.


  1. Your pet will be loaded in the live cargo section of the plane. Fees are based on the weight of the pet and the crate size, PAL fee ranges from PHP 1,000 to PHP 10,000.


Things to do before Take-Off


  1. Bring the vaccination records, a shot should be given once every 12 months. Include the permit from the quarantine office, your valid ID, and a leash.


  1. Do not feed the pet 4 hours before the flight to avoid vomiting and defecation during the journey. Offer water if he is thirsty. Potty your pet before crating.


  1. Tape a bottle of water at the crate door for discharge to the bowl in case the flight is delayed.


  1. A thunder shirt on your pet will calm him. Or line the crate with his dog bed to keep him relax.


  1. Check the screws, lock, and hinges to ensure the crate is secure.


  1. Check the waybills to ensure that all information on the labels and stickers are correct.


  1. Mark the crate with your pet’s name, your name, address, and contact number.


  1. Secure the dog collar on the neck and label it.


  1. Get the airline’s assurance that your pet will be on the same flight as yours.


  1. Ask the flight attendant if the pilot was informed that your pet is on board. If not, the temperature and pressure will not be properly adjusted in the live cargo section. Your pet will be inconvenienced and stressed during the flight.


  1. Call your lodging, inquire if pets are allowed, restrictions, and fees.


  1. If you are the worrier type of pet parent, you may crate train to ensure that he will be cool for long periods.


Things to do at the Destination


  1. Get your baggage and proceed to fetch your dog. Be ready with your waybill and ID for confirmation to the cargo handlers. Do not sign any document until you have received your pet and he is in good condition.


  1. Remove your pet from the crate and leash him. Take him for a potty and a drink of water. Check for injuries if there are none sign the documents get your crate and proceed to your accommodation.


We hope that our guideline helped in your air travel with Fido to the different parts of the Philippines. Maligayang Paglalakbay (Happy Trip)!



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