Penalties Imposed to Common Traffic Violations in the Philippines

Penalties imposed to common Traffic Violations in the philippines
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You’ve heard it from your acquaintances, you’ve seen it on news programs, and now you’re in the Philippines you’ve experienced the traffic. Traversing through EDSA, the country’s premier thoroughfare, you’ll find that driving is a challenge with voluminous vehicles occupying every space possible from south to north of Metro-Manila.
As you progress bit by bit to your area of destination you have to put up with a lot of traffic violators left and right getting apprehended by MMDA personnel. Irritation and impatience get the best of drivers tempting them to cut corners, committing some violations in the process. Here’s a list of the most common traffic defilements and their corresponding penalties:


  • Obstruction. This carries a fine of PHP 150 to all forms of road obstructions that include illegally parked vehicles, road diggings, erections that intrude the sidewalk.
  • Illegal counterflow. This carries a fine of PHP 2,000 and suspension of the license for at least 3 months. This is common during the rush hour, fight the urge or be penalized.
  • Disregarding traffic signs. Getting stuck in traffic doesn’t make your life easier, compounding your woes are the weird traffic signs. Although it slurps PHP 150 from your pocket, it’s affordable but the trouble it brings sucks big time.
  • Jaywalking. Only in the Philippines can you see people illegally crossing thoroughfares even with the presence of footbridge, a pedestrian lane, and a pedestrian underpass. Perhaps it became a habit that Filipinos cannot seem to break. Getting caught will deter you from committing the violation again, shell out PHP 500 and a mandatory 3-hour MMDA estero clean-up.
  • Illegal parking. Metro-Manila is a big parking space and drivers just seem to park anywhere they want even in unauthorized spaces. Getting caught without towing will cost you PHP 200, it’s PHP 500 if your car is towed, and a hefty PHP 1,200 if you are caught in the act.

According to the MMDA there were 209,830 traffic violations in Metro-Manila in 2016 with the top violations of the traffic law shown in the table.

The mayors of Metro-Manila are in unison to increase the fines for the top violations committed by drivers. The goal of raising fines was to deter traffic violations in the metro.

Fines for the following violations were recommended to be increased, based on the minimum penalties:

Traffic ViolationFine Adjustment2016 Violations
Disregarding traffic signfrom PHP150 to 50054,917
Obstructionfrom PHP150 to 50045,729
Illegal parking (towed and not towed)from PHP200 to 1,20034,689
Number coding(fine is different from each city)PHP50022,503
Stalled vehiclefrom PHP500 to 2,000 7,568
Truck banfrom PHP500 to 2,000 7,032
No loading-unloadingfrom PHP150 to 750  7,147
Reckless driving, second offensefrom PHP750 to 2,000  6,532
Reckless driving, third offensefrom PHP1,000 to 2,000
Motorcycle lanefrom PHP500 to 2,000  6,370
Overspeeding (Commonwealth and Macapagal Avenues)6,076
No driver’s uniform4,015
Bus/PUJ lane ordinance3,851
Driving without licensefrom PHP750 to 1,000
Illegal or unauthorized counterflowfrom PHP 2,000 to 5,000
Unregistered motor vehiclefrom PHP450 to 5,000

So there, if you’re planning to drive within the metro bring along a lot patience and arrive safely in your destination with all your PHP intact.


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