Expat’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for your Filipino Colleagues

Who doesn’t like gifts?

Not to sound materialistic but there isn’t a person in this planet who doesn’t feel appreciated when given a present. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday or a birthday, gifts are a great way to tell someone that they are liked and valued.

Filipinos are suckers for presents. Big or small, Filipinos know how to appreciate any kind of gift that is given to them. If you’re looking to win over your boss or getting your colleagues on your side, a simple token of appreciation should sway them to your direction. Read up on some cool and practical gift ideas for your Filipino co-workers.


Desk Plants

This particular gift idea may be a bit different but it’s easy to say that people appreciate seeing a little more greenery in the office. It’s refreshing and light, and it can turn a dull office desk livelier with just its presence. If your office walls prohibit you from having windows and some sunlight, you should get your colleague a succulent. It’s very low maintenance plus they are cute and quite popular with millenials, too!


Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Go big or go home, right? If you’re seeking to sweeten up your boss to you, this is quite the gift to ease him into being just a tad nicer to you.  Not only is it a practical gift (hello, who doesn’t drink coffee nowadays?!), it is also a pretty neat item to have on your office. Once he/she opens this baby up, you both can grab a cup and talk about when you can get your next promotion. *wink*


Yearly Planner

Every office worker would definitely appreciate getting a planner. It’s the easiest way to organize one’s day and jot down notes to remember. There are a ton of planners to choose from and it’d be nice to get one that would complement your colleague. You can also check out local artisanal planner makers to give your gift a little extra oomph.


Desk Calendar

One of the most underrated gifts to get anyone, a desk calendar is actually one of the best things you can get a co-worker.  Dates can get quickly juggled up especially when you are in the thick of horror workweeks. Having a desk calendar is an easy and practical reminder for any hardworking person to have! Plus, there are a lot of different desk calendars with unique styles to choose from. The recipient of this gift will definitely appreciate you getting him/her a style that’s fit to his/her personality.


Earphone Organizers

If you have a colleague who is pretty anal about organizing his/her items, an earphone organizer might be a good present for him/her. Earphone cords normally get tangled up easily and not have a proper bag to put them in can mess up the contents of your bag. A simple earphone organizer can fix that. Plus, he/she can use it for other items that have long cords as well such as phone chargers.


Insulated Water Bottles

Skip the office mug and go for an insulated water bottle instead! These babies are a winner gift because not only can they be used within the office but also it’s something you can take anywhere you go. Insulated water bottles are great because they can keep the water’s temperature for as long as 4 to 10 hours. It’s also a healthy reminder to keep them hydrated even during a hectic workday. When they unwrap your present, they will definitely love you for this neat item!


Funky Printed Socks

Help your officemates step up their everyday work looks with some funky printed socks! A colorful and eye-catching pair will definitely help them stand out in the crowd. There are a variety of sock shops to grab a pair or two or seven! Just grab a print that complements your officemate’s personality and they’ll surely appreciate your quirky gift.


Fancy Fountain Pen

While most, if not all companies, use computers nowadays, it’s still important to have a pen on hand. Whether to fill up papers with notes or sign contracts with, nothing spells corporate that a good and sturdy fountain pen. If you want to put in a little extra effort, you can even ask for your co-worker’s initials to be engraved or embossed on the item. It’s definitely a nice reminder of you whenever they see or use the pen.


Baked Goodies

If you’re into baking and want to give something simple yet personal, baked goodies are the way to go. Cookies, brownies, apple strudels; who wouldn’t appreciate a scrumptious gift from the heart? But if you’re not a baker, you can always find a bake store to grab dozens of yummy desserts to give out. You’ll never go wrong with baked goods, that’s for sure!

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