Beach Etiquette: 13 Golden Rule for Beachgoers

Do you practice beach etiquette when you visit the Philippine beaches?


During, the summer the beach is an escape from the sweltering heat that families and friends want to enjoy. However, someone who doesn’t practice beach etiquette takes the fun away.


Do not be that someone who is rude and prevents other people from having a good time. Read up and be a good beach citizen to your fellow beach bums.


Be respectful of other Beachgoers

 The beach is a public area, be courteous of other beachgoers. Avoid loud music that might irritate others. People want to relax and enjoy the moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Keep your decibels at a decent level allow them to converse, read a book or just do their thing.


Keep your stuff to your space respect other’s privacy.


If you will play beach games avoid disturbing other people. Children want to dig holes, cover them later to avoid tripping.


Do not be rude to other folks by saying nasty things about their appearance, laughing while pointing at them or taking pictures. You’re inviting trouble, my friend.



Don’t leave trash


Beaches have their own bins in different areas and others don’t. Besides these may be full of trash from many visitors. It’s best to bring your own trash bag and throw your litter at home.


No one wants to swim with plastic or food waste floating in the water. Also, it is unsafe for marine life and the environment.


Manage your children and pets


Children and pets are a playful lot. Keep them in sight, make sure they are not annoying your beach neighbors.


If Fido poop, be ready with your scraper. Although it’s nice to see that they are burying it under the sand others won’t appreciate the surprise. Keep your pooch on a leash to prevent bothering other people or gobble something that will make him sick.


Teach your kids to be respectful of other’s privacy and gears. Likewise, do not leave them unattended a strong current might catch them or they may get lost.


Do not smoke

The beach is not your personal ashtray. Certainly, no one wants to stroll on the sand full of cigarette butts. If you can’t help it, better to smoke on designated areas and dispose of your waste properly.


Keep your food simple

The scorching sun will spoil any food with sauce sauce such as tomato, coconut, cream, and mayonnaise. Keep your salad and cake for your next party. The best beach foods are inexpensive and easy to prepare.


Eat as Filipinos do. Grilled meat or fish is delicious, hot off the grill, and sand-free. Fried chicken is a staple, and easy to eat. Cookies and fruits are spot-on for dessert, avoid anything made of chocolate which melts.


Eat in designated areas

Some beach resorts provide huts including tables and chairs where you can eat comfortably. Others allow beachgoers to have their meals by the seashore.


Follow the local rules

Some beaches prohibit pets and alcohol in open containers. Also, there are limitations on where you can walk and swim. Check the rules before you head out to ensure that you are doing the right thing.


Pay attention to the lifeguard


They are familiar with the area better than you. Their job is to keep the beachgoers safe from strong currents, deep spots, and wildlife seen in the area.


Do not take home aquatic mementos

Avoid taking home souvenirs like shells and corals, leave them in their natural habitat. When people take these things, consequently it adversely affects the beach and the marine ecosystem. These are better remembered through pictures or videos than trophies standing in your room.


Know the culture

Beaches are found in the provinces where the culture is left untouched by the modern ways. A foreigner needs to learn the local customs in addition to the beach rules.


The locals are not used with the public displays of affection, keep this to a minimum.


Keep your distance

Keep some distance from your beach neighbor. Avoid parking your things in their personal space.


Wear a sunscreen


A sunscreen will protect you from UVB rays. Be selective with your sunscreen the chemicals were found to bleach and destruct reefs.


Don’t shake sandy towels close to others

When removing sand on your towel, clothing or shoes shake it out in areas that are not close to people. Avoid getting sand into someone.


These are simple beach etiquettes to ensure that everyone has a fun time by the ocean. Treat others with respect if you want to be treated in the same way.




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