$82.9M in business deals signed in Duterte’s Israel trip – Lopez

Duterte Trip to Israel
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JERUSALEM — A total of $82.9 million worth of private business agreements and letters of intent were signed during the four-day official visit of President Rodrigo Duterte here, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said on Wednesday.

Lopez said the agreements and letters of intent were expected to generate around 790 jobs in the Philippines.

A total of 21 agreement and intent letters were signed.

The Trade chief said the new business deals will contribute to the “very bright outlook on the Philippines.”

Known as one of the countries with the fastest economic growths, the Philippines has vibrant demographics with 105 million citizens, Lopez said.

The Secretary also noted that the Philippines has a growing consumer base as more Filipinos are now gainfully employed.


article shared from: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/169646/82-9m-business-deals-signed-dutertes-israel-trip-lopez
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