8 Things You Need to Know When Going on An Island Tour

One of the best things about living in the Philippines is the fact that this tropical country has numerous amazing beaches to explore. Whether or not you’re a beach bum, it’s always good to know that you can do a quick nature run whenever stress hits you. From the more popular beach spots such as Boracay, Batangas and Palawan to the more low-key tourist spots like Siargao and Camarines, there are literally hundreds of islands in the Philippines to uncover and the best way to do that is thru an island tour.

But what should you take note of when going on an island tour? Read on and find out everything you need to list down on your checklist.

1. Check the weather before checking in. If you didn’t already know, the Philippines only experiences two types of weather – sunny or rainy. But even though this is the case, weather has been relatively unpredictable in the past couple of years. The issue of global warming and climate change has somehow affected the country’s seasons and this is the primary reason why checking the weather prior to doing anything is super important. Especially if you’re venturing out to an open sea, making sure that the weather’s fine and dandy is very crucial.

Check the weather thru your hotel or resort’s concierge or thru online weather websites. More often than not, professional island tour guides would give you a heads up if the weather’s not at its best. Be sure to listen when they tell you it’s better to reschedule. It’s great to go on a crazy adventure but as in all things, you must do so with proper caution.


2. Choose your itinerary wisely. In most island tours, set itineraries will be given. If you’re going with another group, this will be strictly followed but if you’re going with a group of friends privately, then chances are you can request for your guide to go to specific areas that aren’t normally part of the itinerary. This might cost a little more though as tour guides may charge you extra depending on how far the location is. To get your money’s worth, seek the assistance of your resort or hotel’s concierge. They’ll be able to direct you to tour guides that are authentic and can even help you plan your itinerary.


3. Wear only what’s necessary. Put away your expensive earrings or your arm party when going on an island tour because the more basic your outfit it, the less chances you got to losing something important. Be prepared to wear something light and necessary, depending on what your itinerary is. We know you want that perfect IG shot but accessories won’t help you get that.


4. Stash your necessities in a waterproof bag. Going on an island tour means traveling through boat. That means water will be everywhere, literally! Stash your necessities in a waterproof bag to make sure that nothing accidentally gets wet. Keep your phones, cameras, watches, water bottles, food and towels stuffed in a waterproof bag for a foolproof water adventure!


5. Use and protect your gears. In most cases, island tours allow you to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Go out and explore the underwater world with proper gears. Especially if it’s your first time, it is important to listen during the brief about how to communicate underwater and how to use your gears properly. This makes sure that everything goes without a problem!


6. Explore with caution. Wearing the proper gears is one thing but venturing out into the open sea with caution is another. Some people have had too much confidence in themselves that they go through their adventure alone, ditching the advice of tour guides to keep safe by following their advice. The underwater world might be inviting and all but there is a reason why some places are restricted and why others are preferred safer for tourists. Trust the tour guides and follow their lead, and you’ll definitely be guaranteed a good and hassle-free time.


7. Take photos and leave everything else behind. Nature is beautiful and it could be tempting to take a piece of it for yourself to keep. But please, refrain from doing so. Whether these are living creatures or the insanely pristine white sand, don’t take anything away from the place you’re visiting other than memories. Take all the photos you want but please, leave everything else behind.


8. Leave a tip! Had a grand time? Then maybe sparing a few bucks won’t hurt to tip your tour guides. “Thank you’s” are fantastic but tipping is especially great too. Most tour guides are locals whose main source of income are being boatmen and touring visitors. Helping them out by giving some extra cash, however small they are, will definitely be appreciated.

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