Up-and-Coming Honeymoon Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for world-class beaches like Boracay and El Nido, but with its thousands of islands, there are many more newly discovered gems that you can enjoy with your spouse on away from tourists that block the view.


Chill Honeymooners

If you want to spend your honeymoon silently snuggled in each other’s arms, here are some places that will give you the peace and quiet you desire.

Gigantes Islands

Picture yourself lounging on fine, white sand beach feasting on fresh seafood and thinking of nothing at all but the wonderful person you married beside you.

Gigantes Islands is where you fulfill that daydream! This group of islands is off the coast of Carles, Iloilo, which is only an hour and a half from Roxas City Airport (Iloilo Airport is farther away, about 3-4 hours).

Just rent a boat to one of the islands, the biggest of which is Gigantes Norte. You can go island hopping, rock climbing, or visit the old lighthouse. Since this is located in an area that’s still quite rural, electricity is only turned on in the afternoon until 11 at night. Talk about really getting away from the bustle of the city!

Cagnipa Rolling Hills

Cagnipa Rolling Hills

Credit to marc7travels.com

Pandan, Catanduanes is also called Happy Island. Cagnipa Rolling Hills is one of its main attraction. With its lush green grass contrasting beautifully against sapphire blue waves, this little slice of heaven would no doubt bring joy to any visitor.

You can enjoy the cool wind and sunshine on the splendid slopes all day or head to nearby attractions like waterfalls and a lagoon where you can enjoy feasts of freshly caught seafood made by awesome local cooks!


Adventurous Honeymooners

If you want your honeymoon to be a truly unforgettable experience, here are some places that will satisfy your adrenaline cravings, fill your camera rolls with Instagram-worthy photos, and give you a supply of endless stories you’ll tell even to your grandkids.

Rapang Cliffs

Rapang Cliff

Credit to Raquel via trover.com

Batanes has steadily risen to fame as one of the must-see spots in the Philippines. Its lush rolling hills, clear blue skies, and crisp air untouched by pollution make even Filipino city-dwellers feel like they’re in some foreign countryside.

The island to go to though is called Itbayat, and it’s about 3-4 hours away by boat from Batanes’ capital. On this island, get ready to really be off the grid. There’s no cell service here, so say goodbye to timely Instagram updates. Also, give detailed information to family and friends about your trip, just in case.

Rapang Cliffs stand sentinel along Itbaya’s coast, their large, ragged limestone bodies protecting the island from the constant wind. Celebrate the dawn of your life as husband and wife by watching the sunrise atop Rapang Cliff’s jagged summits.

Kiokong White Rock Wall

For the real adventure seekers, driving to the mountaintop isn’t enough. How about spending the night at the ledge of a cliff?

When it comes to mountains, the Cordillera Region usually is top-of-mind. Baguio and Sagada are for those who like the high altitude. But if you’re looking for an extreme adventure to go on your honeymoon, head on to southern Philippines.

Kiokong White Rock Wall is located in Bukidnon in northern Mindanao, home to some of the most beautiful plateaus in the country. Scaling this huge rock wall will take you to a small cave 122 meters off the ground. Really take the “‘til death do us part” vow to the next level by camping overnight here with your new spouse!


Busy Honeymooners

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to laze around a beach for weeks. But who’s to say you can’t languish in luxury not far from the city?

If you can only spare a weekend for your honeymoon, here are places close to Metro Manila where you can still feel like you’re away from it all.

Fortune Island

Fortune Island

Credit to YuaDominguez via choosephilippines.com

Want to go on a Greek holiday but the schedule nor the budget is permitting? Head on to Fortune Island in Batangas!

Nasugbu, Batangas is only 2-3 hours away from Manila by car (depending on the traffic intensity). From there, you can rent a boat and reach the island in an hour.

Grecian aesthetics can be seen all over this resort. There are many activities to enjoy. You can go cliff diving, snorkeling, or visit the lighthouse. There’s even a museum dedicated to a shipwrecked warship called San Diego.

All the sightseeing on this island can be done within 2 days, so for those who can’t be away from the office for long, this honeymoon spot is perfect.

Aquascape Floating Suite

Your hotel suite floating on a peaceful lake – doesn’t that sound just relaxing?

You can experience this luxurious accommodation at Aquascape in Lake Caliraya, Laguna, which is only 2-3 hours by car from Manila! You can rent a canoe and explore the rest of the lake, do some water sports, and visit the windmill farm nearby!


At the end of the day, as long as you and your partner are together, you can make a paradise out of any place. Here’s to years and years of love and togetherness!

Expats in the Philipppines

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