Touring Beautiful Abra

Abra is one of the unexplored provinces in the Philippines. There are no beaches it has a laid-back environment untouched by modern times. But, it offers bountiful pastoral land, majestic forested mountains, clear rivers, and picturesque waterfalls which are ready to be unveiled to open-minded visitors, adventure seekers, and nature lovers.

It can only be reached by land travel via an 8-hour bus ride the numbness in your body can be remedied by some stretching exercises during stops. The drop off point is at Bangued, the capital city of Abra, from there you can reach other places by renting a motorbike, jeepney ride, or vehicle rental.

Expenses won’t hurt the pocket, a tour ride will depend on your haggling skills and destination. Accommodation is good for two for 2 nights is PHP 1,400.00 and a homestay for PHP 100.00 per person. Food for one person is PHP 75.00 per meal this includes unlimited rice.

Pack your bags and scoot to the beautiful province of Abra, check out these 6 go to places for a memorable trip.


Kili Falls



To reach Kili Falls a tourist has to pass by the village of Kili. It is a beautiful place tucked in the verdant wilderness dotted with stunning rice terraces cascading down to unadulterated emerald rivers.

A short trek from the village will bring you to the beautiful Kili Falls enclosed by jungles, huge rock formations, and rice terraces. Get thrilled by crossing a fit-one-person bridge to reach the top of the waterfalls.

Behind is a man-made pool with warm water coming from the hot springs. There is a mini cave beneath the source of the hot spring dripping with warm water good for a shower.


Apao Rolling Hills



At the peak of Apao Rolling Hills, you can catch a view of the picturesque landscape of a scenic sunset where the dry grasslands come alive with a stunning auburn radiance. During the wet months, the hills come in various shades of green, the views are just as amazing.

Fitness buffs will have a heyday with a myriad of activities that will test their physical endurance. Trails dot the area which mountain bikers can follow while pedaling their way through scenic wavelike rolling hills. Hiking enthusiasts will have a lot of hiking opportunities. About 5 hours of trekking from atop the hills will bring you down to Barangay Apao and a two-day hike will bring you to Bangued. The nearby Mt. Pisusok will test the mettle of your mountain climbing prowess.


Piwek Rock Formations



It takes a 30-minute hike from Apao Rolling Hills to reach the rock formations of Piwek. There are two ways to get there. An exciting way requires a bit of rock climbing and the easier one has a less steep hike. Either way, the trip is worth the effort.

Tourists will be greeted with the glistening and sparkling white limestone formations sculptured by nature. Indulge yourself in activities that include cliff jumping, hiking, rock climbing, bamboo rafting, swimming, and photography.


Kaparkan Falls


The extraordinary appearance of the waterfall is enough reason to visit Abra. Unlike most falls formed by roaring cascades, Kaparkan Falls has multilevel pools cascading down the forest. The pools have crystal blue water that does not turn dark during the wet season. The beautiful forest makes the falls more stunning.


Libtec Crystal Cave



Libtec Crystal Cave or Quilling Crystal Cave is a natural habitat for bats locally known as kurarapanit. Guano, bat manure, is collected by the locals and used as a fertilizer for plants.

Treasure hunters frequent the place in the hope of finding treasures buried by the Japanese during World War II.

It is a multi-chambered cave that boasts of a multitude of attractively shaped minerals such as stalagmites, stalactites, straws, drapery, and flowstones. The walls, floors, and roofs are packed with strikingly formed, colored mineral deposits that resemble the shape of a bird, banana blossom, and a horse.

Exploration of the cave is easy, crawling, sliding, repelling, and walking through freezing waters is not needed. As you marvel at the formations you will also be entertained by the flaps and shrills of the bats.


La Paz

Credit: bangued in Flickr


The town of La Paz is known for its traditional loom weaving producing fabrics called abel. The process uses indigenous tools and the intricate skills of a weaver. A simple mistake will cost a lot. The business existed for generations and this is the source of livelihood for women in the village.

Touring Abra is like opening the gates of wonderland, truly Abramazing!




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