Siargao: A Traveler’s Guide and Itinerary

Are you planning a vacation? On top of the list in planning a vacation is the place to go.


Let us take you to Siargao Island in the province of Surigao del Norte in Mindanao.  Known as the “Surfing Mecca of the Philippines.”  Beyond the monstrous waves are stunning lagoons, captivating cave pools, numerous dazzling islands, underwater wonderland, and dense tropical forest.


Enjoy every single day of your stay. You will want to discover more of the endless beauty of Siargao. The place does not need any tourist attraction the atmosphere and uniqueness are enough.


So, pack your bags and head over to this paradise.


Best Time to Visit Siargao

When to go depends on your intentions. The peak tourist influx is the dry season from March to October.


For surfers, the best months are from October to November. The wind conditions are tops forming worthy waves to catch. In September you will see the Annual Siargao International Surfing Competition. Expect a lot of tourists during this time.


Go kayaking between March and October. Winds are mild and lots of sun to uncover the crystal waters. Kayak tours are available to visitors, check out the beautiful landscapes packed with abundant lush vegetation.


Fishing enthusiasts will have a heyday from March to May. Big bill fishes are for picking like the Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfish Tuna, Mackerel, and Mahi-mahi. Watch the International Game Fishing Tournament in April.


Weather conditions are best for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing from December to March. Enthusiasts will love the flat water conditions and the excellent waves at the reef.


Scuba diving is best done in the months between April and October when the sun is out more often. The waters are perfect for a plunge visit the underwater playgrounds from the diving spots that dot Siargao.


Traveling to Siargao

Reach Siargao Island by plane with direct flights from Manila provided by Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines (PAL), and Skyjet. A round-trip ticket starts at PHP 5,066.


Transportation rates for touring

  • Tricycle rental with a driver for 5 persons cost PHP 2,000 per day.
  • Motorbike rental with a driver for 2 persons cost PHP 1,000 per day.
  • Van or SUV rental for 10 persons cost PHP 2,000 per day.
  • Bike and motorbike rental without a driver is from PHP 300 to PHP 500.
  • Tri-island hopping for 6 persons starts at PHP 1,500.
  • Tour operators provide chartered boat and rate starts at PHP 1,500 for 6 persons.

Bring extras to cover fees for entrance, docking, environmental, guide, safety gear, and for other amenities in your place of destination.


Places to Visit

The places in Siargao are heaven sent be swept off your feet at first sight. It has a collection of unique beachfront attractions that will attract interest to surfers, sun lovers, and nature lovers.


Cloud 9

Waves are swelling in this part of the globe the hollow tubes make the place perfect for surfing. This feature made it the surfing capital of the Philippines the best place to experience your first surf. Mingle with the crowd watching a breathtaking view of the sunset as the colors in the sky gently dim.


Sugba Lagoon

A spectacular lagoon surrounded by beautiful mountains. Explore and find your own piece of paradise by renting a paddleboard or a wood raft. You’ll never chicken out of cliff jumping after seeing the crystal clear water below. The sanctuary is ideal for chilling, taking photos or just hanging out.


Sohoton Cove

Marvel at lush green islets enclosed by powdery white sand with water so clear and blue. Swim with jellyfishes that do not sting. The beauty of the lagoons, caves, and karst mountains will amaze you. Your Siargao sojourn will not be complete without a stopover at Sohoton Cove.


TakTak Waterfall

The only waterfall in Siargao. Cold spring water cascade to a narrow catch basin. The highlights of the journey are cliff jumping, tree jumping, and exploration at the zenith of the waterfall.


Magpupungko Tidal Pools

It is Mother Nature’s gift to Siargao. Chic rock formations and azure clear water await visitors. Tidal pools appear only during the low tide and are submerged during the high tide. Dive into the water and see a surreal underwater world complete with majestic coral formations and various types of marine life.


Daku Island

Daku or big, Island is a surfing spot befitting beginners because of its easy waves. It has cream fine sand and clear warm water ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Small nipa huts line the beach for a banquet feast with a backdrop of picturesque palm trees.


Pacifico Beach

It is an off the beaten beach spot, few tourists visit the place, you’ll have quality time here. Experience pure ecstasy from the long stretch of fine white sand, hear the splash of the glorious waves, and an awesome view of the ocean.




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