Self-Storage for Personal Things in the Philippines

As housing spaces in the Philippines seem to get smaller each year, more people face the problem of storage spaces for their extra stuff. Typical townhouse and condo units today can only house small-size furniture and appliances leaving no room for others, like book collections, extra Chinaware, souvenirs, gifts and mementos. Here’s where self-storage for personal things in the Philippines comes in handy.


A New Concept

Though self storage for personal things has been a way of life in the US for some time now, it is a very new concept in the Philippines. Several local self-storage companies have in fact only recently pioneered in the business, one of them as recently as 2010, barely a decade old. Safety Storage and Secure Storage Services are examples of self-storage firms offering personal, business or commercial storage service stations in different locations in the metropolis.

Though new here, the self-storage business is picking up. A growing number of people and businesses are in need of the service for temporarily securing extra belongings or luggage in systematically protected but easily accessible environment. Individual expats or expat families, for instance, accumulating extra furniture and appliances and considering transferring to a bigger house can temporarily keep their hefty valuables in a self-storage for personal things in the Philippines.

But self-storage is also for small businesses that are growing big and needing extra spaces for keeping files, documents or records. Even big companies can find practical use for the same. Storage services can provide for their packing and unpacking needs and data archiving for systematic storing. These storages can be in the form of whole rooms in a building with several floor levels. They may be containers. They can also be cubicles or lockers equipped with the needed security.


What to Consider When Choosing Storages

  1. Insurance

First thing to find out is insurance. Are your items insured? Even if the entire facility is fire proof or secured against burglary, insurance is still an utmost concern, especially if you store valuables there. However, insurance will entail higher storage rates.

  1. Temperature

But don’t just get any self-storage service. Getting the right service needs analysis of the items you have for storing. Are they sensitive to extreme temperatures? Things like electronics, paintings and old documents may need temperature control. So look for a company that offers that feature.

Balik-bayan boxes (boxes where items from abroad are packed) may need special temperature requirements if they have perishable contents likely affected by extreme humidity like canned goods, flour or powdered products or candy bars. Consider these things when looking a facility for self-storage for personal things in the Philippines.

Important papers and documents often need to be protected from termites, cockroaches, moist or water. So make sure the storages you get are completely free from these elements. The location should be flood-free and fire protection features should be impeccable.

  1. Space

Exactly how big a storage do you need? The last thing you want is to discover that the storage you got is either too small or too big for your items. It will affect your budget. A storage calculator can be handy for this. Or, get the exact measurements of your items and compare them with the actual sizes of the storages available at the site.

  1. Access

How accessible is the storage location to you? It’s useless to get a storage facility with ideal features but which is 10 miles away from you or your office. Thus, it’s crucial that the storage location is accessible to where you want them when you need them. Especially if you’re an expat who’s yet unfamiliar with the town or city you live in, proximity and accessibility are vital factors to consider when choosing a self-storage for personal things in the Philippines.

  1. Time

How long do you need the self storage? Some companies may offer discounts if you need their facility for lengthy periods. It may not be practical to rent one for just few days. In such case, it would be better to ask a neighbor or relative to spare you some space for the time being to keep an item.

  1. Safety

Is the vicinity where the service is located notorious for crimes? It’s not just protection against theft or burglary you want but safety each time you go to and leave the facility. This is aside from checking if it has onsite cams, working alarms, fire extinguishers or sprinklers, gated property, perimeter fencing, ample lighting, and its proximity to a police station or barangay headquarters.

  1. Experience

How long has the company been in the business? Does it deliver what it promises? Are there satisfied clients? How efficient and courteous is the staff? The last thing you need are employees hard to contact and difficult to approach when you badly need their assistance. Especially if you’re an expat living here, your belongings and valuables deserve a reliable self-storage for personal things in the Philippines.




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