Saving Tips on Hotel Expense for Travelers

When traveling on vacation, you tend to go overboard with expenses and work outside the budget. Money is the least of your worries when you are on a planned time spent not working. However, trouble crops up when you return with an empty wallet, you’ll wind up deep in debt. A few days of a fun time will take months of stress to pay for the cost of the vacation.

Spending too much on hotels will surely bust your budget. This eats up most of your vacation expenses including airfare expense.

A read through our saving tips on hotel expense will give you insights on how to save on your travel costs.



Before you travel research on the hotels near your destination. Rates change from day to day and from room to room. Some hotels offer markdowns on a bundled package that combines both accommodation and airfare. Expect more perks if you brought guests that fit in their promo program, this can give you remarkable savings on your hotel room.

Also, consider client reviews an irate customer will certainly tell his bad experience during his visit.

When visiting the Philippines check our list of best hotels in Metro-Manila, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.


Deal directly with the hotel’s staff when booking

At the onset,  it is easier to get information from third-party booking sites. It’s like going to a grocery store where everything you need is there. In a booking site, you’ll have a plethora of hotels to choose from along with their features, promo offers, and rates. Take advantage of this to pick out the hotel that fit your needs. Or if you don’t feel like browsing, just click your desired rate and location and you’ll get a response in a jiff. But in booking the accommodation deal directly with the hotel’s staff, some offer unadvertised discounts and they are reserving the best rooms for those who do.

Third-party bookers receive a  commission which can be up to 25%. By direct booking, hotels don’t have to shell out money, in appreciation they give these clients a better accommodation


Check the Hotel’s location

Rates of hotels depend on its proximity to the commercial district, those that are located in the heart of downtown are pricey compared to those that are a few blocks away. Use maps that travel sites offer to expand your search area and to compare the rates provided by hotels.

Selecting a hotel that is far from attractions and amenities you plan to visit might hurt your pocket in high transportation costs and parking tickets. Explore the communal transportation system and check out if you can reach your destinations by foot.  Before you book verify distances on Google Maps, hotels tend to exaggerate their proximity to popular spots around town.


Spend within your budget

You got the bill for the trip covered but, of course; you want to enjoy the moment. So, set aside some spending money for conveniences, fun time, shopping, and your other wishes. If you will spend less time in your hotel room and do not care about amenities, then go for a less luxurious one.


Save money on meals

Of course, food is on your bucket list for having a fun time during your trip. You can eat wisely, fill that hungry tummy and still save some money. Hotels usually give free breakfast to their guests that will last until about 10 a.m. Surely, with a hearty one, you won’t have room for lunch until late in the afternoon. Enjoy the day by visiting attractions, keep those cell phones clicking for selfies and when hunger catches up look for a local restaurant. You’ll have a great time savoring the local cuisine which definitely tastes better than hotel food and cheaper. On your way back be sure to bring some food for your snack.

And never use any beverage in their mini-bar or eat candies or junk food that they serve to avoid any surprises when you check out. If ever you gulped their Coke or ate their chips be sure to replace it.


Be flexible

Assuming that you have a flexible schedule, travel during the off-season. Prices rise with demand, save money by going against the tide. Save more money by registering on a weekday rather than a weekend.

You can avoid crowds which can make sightseeing easy when people are working.


A repeat customer

Enjoy great deals when you book at the same hotel chain each time you travel. Hotels want repeat customers and they can give you better deals or an improved accommodation.


Be courteous to the staff

A little niceness to the staff will go a long way. Just greet them along the way or engage in some small talk and you’re likely to enjoy some perks during your stay.

Planning a trip will take some of your time but it will pay off in the long run. Plan before you go to make your trip stress-free and a memorable one.




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