Filipinos’ Superstitious Belief during Holy Week

Although, the Philippines is a Christian country there are still superstitious beliefs that are being practiced by many during sacred occasions. Even the Lenten Season is not spared, Filipinos observe the Holy Week with religious devotion joined with superstitious beliefs and practices.

This was passed from generations and in these modern times, you can still hear these impressions. It has been part of our culture and tradition that many still believe nowadays.

In case you haven’t heard, here are some superstitious beliefs that Filipinos practice during the Holy Week.




Making excessive noises and playing loud music are discouraged during the Holy Week, especially Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday. Catholics are reflecting on the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. These are days of mourning and should be kept solemn and quiet.

Some parents prohibit their children from watching TV or turning on the radio.



Wounds take a longer time to heal

Wounds, cuts or any injuries acquired during the Holy Week will take a longer time to heal. This myth might have been concocted by elders to keep their children indoors.  There is no concrete proof that wounds heal longer during this period. Flagellants whip their back until there is blood and the side of Jesus was pierced with a spear.



Avoid sweeping at night

Sweeping the house at night during Good Friday and Black Saturday is discouraged, but in the daytime, you can. Sweeping the floor will drive away any fortune or blessing within the house or prevent this from coming in.

Technically you can sweep the door, but you cannot put the debris outside the positivity inside the house will be removed.



Use of water

The use of water during the Holy Week can be either good or bad depending on the day you use it.

Avoid using water after 3 pm on Good Friday either for a bath or laundry. It is the hour of Jesus Christ’s death and a time of mourning evil will befall to anyone who disobeys. Better place the deodorant nearby.

On the other hand, getting wet by rainfall on Easter Sunday will heal your ailments. The rainfall has healing powers.



Avoid staring at mirrors

Staring at the mirror after 3 pm on Good Friday is prohibited. Bad elements are strong after the death of Jesus at 3 pm onwards. A gaze at mirrors will invite evil spirits, people cover the mirror with black cloth and remove this on Easter Sunday.



Presence of evil spirits

With the death of Jesus Christ evil spirits are free to roam around. Anting-antings, amulets, are trending during Holy Week these items have magical properties to ward off bad elements. The business of faith hailers or albularyos, witch doctor, thrive during these days with their amulets and charms up for sale.

The palaspas, palm fronds blessed by the priest are placed on the door, window or any side of the house to ward of evil spirits and bad luck.

A buntot pagi, a stingray’s tail whip is placed on the doorsteps leading to a baby’s room to prevent the entry of evil spirits and night creatures.




Children are not spared from these religious beliefs, they are told by their parents to follow and they unwillingly do.

They are told to jump high before the church bells ring in the morning of Black Saturday. Elders believe that children will grow taller and healthier. I wonder how high will a short kid jump.

In the evening of Black Saturday at ten, children are roused from their sleep to eat meat to avoid going deaf.

Playing outside for children are discouraged to avoid making noise.



Avoid travel

Holy Week has a long weekend (four days) a great time for a vacation and travel. But the Filipinos’ superstitious belief says otherwise, traveling will result in an accident, injuries will take a long time to heal.

But this does not work nowadays, throngs of city dwellers migrate to the provinces for some R & R.



Moving to a new house

Moving into a bare home before Easter Sunday brings bad luck because it is unprotected. You should let the Holy Week pass because Jesus Christ has risen again and will fill your house with bountiful blessings.

Stop packing and reconnect with Jesus and God do not wait for unfortunate events to occur to make you believe.



Avoid meat and chicken

Avoid eating meat and chicken from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday instead go for seafood and veggies. Meat is associated with impurity and a bad omen you can handle these days without meat beside it’s good for the body.

It is important to remember Holy Week is the time Jesus died on the cross to save mankind. Let us not dwell into superstitious beliefs and other kinds of stuff instead spend the time reflecting and praying.



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