ECCP: Future Cities Forum & Innovation in Infrastructure Congress

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Cities are constantly challenged by rapid population as well as industrial growth and these threaten to overwhelm their capacity to effectively and efficiently deliver the services required by their dwellers and industries. Yet this situation presents plenty of opportunities. With the timely introduction and adoption of cross sector policy and technology innovations, cities can avoid being distressed and escape a future of deterioration and stagnation due to their inability to adapt quickly to urban challenges.

The emerging key ingredients to ensure the functionality and competitiveness of urban centers lie in the ability of policymakers, planners, technology providers and key implementers to be inclusive and integrated in the framework and approach in building smart and sustainable cities.

The Future Cities Forum 2018 is being convened to discuss the challenges and opportunities to achieve the goal of building smart and sustainable cities.


Objectives of the Future Cities Forum 2018
  1. Address the challenges of future cities and understand how cities and urban centers should transform to meet the challenges posed by a growing population and fast evolving industry operations;
  2. Understand government policy initiatives and programs to promote and build smart and sustainable cities; and
  3. Engage the public and private sector in a dialogue to discuss the innovative solutions required to help cities remain effective in the delivery of services and competitive in satisfying community and business requirements


Target Participants
  1. CEOs and COOs
  2. National and Local Government
  3. Urban Planners
  4. Property Developers
  5. Architects and Contractors
  6. Economic Zone Locators
  7. Building owners
  8. Technology providers
  9. Industry and Business Organizations
  10. Academe and Civil Society


For ticket details visit the registration page.

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