Etiquette for Dog Walking around Metro-Manila

Dog walking around Metro-Manila is a good form of exercise to your pooch. Not only will it keep him fit but also maintain his recommended weight. In addition, they develop their social skills which are a must in the training program.

Both of you are having a fun time dog walking but not passersby. Have you noticed how they react to your dog’s yapping and hostile actions? And your furry friend left a pile of poop in the most unexpected place.

The stares and responses will show you did not observe proper etiquette in your dog walking. Compared to other dog walkers you are the only one receiving this kind of treatment. Follow a few ground rules on dog walking etiquette for a worry-free hike.


Use a leash

Not everyone wants to be near a dog no matter how adorable he looks. A short leash can put your pooch by your side in case someone comes your way. There are dogs who are not friendly and

hostile yank the leash to control his temper.

You know your dog’s actions and feelings but you must also know his weaknesses. Dogs hate cats they chase them and a car might bump them on the roadway. A leash will keep him at bay and from harm’s way.


Manage your pooch’s behavior

You wouldn’t want to be in your dog’s paws when you shout out instructions. Prolong your patience when your pooch misbehaves, give out orders calmly. While dog walking he gets jumpy, gets in another dog’s face or barks at someone never yell at him. Instead, say “Easy Fido,”

“Sit Down” or “Stop” in a civil way.

Shouting will send wrong signals to your dog and may cause a stir. People might see it differently.

If he is acting up give treats to distract him. It is a training tool that can provide mental stimulation to your dog during the walk.

Apologize to the person affected by your pooch’s act. Make Fido sit to show he is sorry.

Walk away from other hostile dogs to avoid any fights and other disturbance they may cause.


Bring Poop Bags

Fido circles around, squats or raises his butt and defecates. He can’t help it and so can you. Take out the poop bag and scoop it up.

In residential areas, people take care of their lawns and landscapes. Seeing a pile from someone’s muck is very frustrating. Respect their hard work and train your dog to release on sidewalks.

Picking up the poop will avoid water contamination. Peeing will harm the plants, do it in a common area where there are strips of grass.


Crossing the street when necessary

While dog walking you sense that Fido is getting tense, walk to the other side of the street. There might be other pets along the way or something that will catch his attention. The change of scenery will do him good.

When changing sides do this in an area where lighting is enough. A driver might not see both of you in the dark.

There are spaces in Metro-Manila that were designed for dog walking and other pet activities. Before heading out check your gears be sure that everything is ready for a great furry experience.


Dog Spaces in Metro-Manila

  1. Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City
  • Bonifacio High Street

The place is not for dogs only but also for you. Get entertained with all sorts of restaurants in your dog walking. If you get hungry or tired scoot over to Central Mall Square, rest your feet and his weary paws in an air-conditioned setting. Enjoy good food in a dog restaurant. Have a bow-wow talk with your cutie and know about his naughtiness.

  • Terra 28th

A place meant for kids; humans and dogs. They are free to roam, frolic to release the stored energy.

  • Track 30th

 A health buff’s haven. Run the calories away and remove Fido’s flab with a workout. The place has a jogging path and an exercise lawn for calisthenics. There is an area for people who crave for yoga, zen, and other meditation drills.


  1. Quezon City
  • Eastwood City

A business district that is pooch-friendly.  Witness different kinds of canine dog walking in all their glory. Fine dine at fancy restaurants and shop till you drop.

  • Quezon City (QC) Memorial Circle

A famous landmark that is a favorite retreat for families and pet owners. The place is teeming with plants the area is vast to adapt all the activities of a health buff. They offer Zumba lessons to release calories while dancing. There are stalls to buy plants, food, clothing, accessories and more. Rent a bike and enjoy thrill rides from a carnival.


  1. Makati City 
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens

A popular spot for dog parents because their babies can walk, stroll, and meet furry friends.

  • Legazpi, Salcedo Parks

A venue for weekend markets, good for dog walking amidst stores selling fresh produce, food, knick-knacks, and plants.


There are dog walking etiquettes to follow to stay on good terms with neighbors, dog owners and to keep the environment clean.




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