Do You Have The Right Philippine Area Codes To Call?

The Philippines has several regions and provinces. And each has a different area code from the other. So, it’s essential to know the right Philippine area codes to call.

Why do people abroad call to the Philippines?  Any article can count several ways.

But let’s face it, in the generation of mobile and smartphones, do we still need area codes to use when calling a Philippine number?

The area codes may not matter to consumers anymore in a geographic goal. The age of calling plans that provide free and also unlimited virtual calling fade the use of area codes to call long distance. Several people’ attachment to using area codes when calling the Philippines is impending.


Why Use Philippine Area Codes To Call A Philippine Number?

Do you know how important it is to be aware of the right Philippine area codes to call? Below are only some of the reasons why.


To be familiar with the specific region, province, city or town. – The area codes to use when calling a Philippine number can help you provide details of the location of your contact. Area code is even more essential when you haven’t been to the Philippines yet. More on, when you haven’t met the person you’re always calling, isn’t it critical to have known where the person resides?

Most foreign men call to the Philippines to talk to their girlfriends or significant others. That’s why being aware of the area code is again necessary.


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With the right area code, you would also be aware of the exact region, province, town or city she lives. You can have your early research on the location and whether you’d like to live there in the future or not. If not, you can always opt to live in the nearest city or bigger city.

The area codes will reveal not only the province but also the city or town. You can have more research on the tourist spots of the place with the area code you have. You can also check their delicacies and the specialties this province offers.


Avoid scammers – Sad to say, that there are several stories of foreign men scammed by Filipinas. To avoid this, knowing the area code somehow decrease the doubt, the person on the other line might be a scammer. It’s because a scammer will never reveal her real location.

Also, if scams occur, it’s possible where you can point to the location because of the area codes you use most often when calling.


Ask for help or get more information. – Philippines experience disasters and calamities more often like storms. When these disasters happen in the province, you contact most, and you can call the nearest local government agencies for help or more information using the area code you have about him/her.

There are several ways an area code can reveal to you. It’s essential in knowing the person you contact all the time.

The List Of Area Codes When Calling To Philippines

When calling to the Philippines from abroad, it’s essential that you know the country code is 63. When you call the Philippines from your country, you must dial out the code of your country (00) followed by Philippine’s country code, city area code, and the number:

00 + 63 + city area code + local number

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Be wary that the telephone numbers in the Philippines are seven digits long. So when you’re already in the country and wants to call another region, you must add prefixes.

Angeles 45 Dumaguete 35 Navotas 2
Antipolo 2 General Santos 83 Olongapo 47
Bacolod 34 General Trias 46 Paranaque 2
Bacoor 46 Iligan 63 Pasay 2
Baguio 74 Iloilo 33 Pasig 2
Baliuag 44 Imus 46 Quezon 2
Batangas 43 Las Pinas 2 Roxas ** 78
Binan 49 Lapu-Lapu 32 San Fernando ** 72
Binangonan 2 Lipa 43 San Jose del Monte 44
Butuan 85 Lucena 42 San Pablo 93
Cabanatuan 44 Mabalacat 45 San Pedro 2
Cabuyao 49 Makati 2 Santa Maria ** 44
Cagayan de Oro 88 Malabon 2 Santa Rosa ** 49
Cainta 2 Malolos 44 Tacloban 53
Calamba ** 49 Mandaluyong 2 Taguig 2
Calbayog 55 Mandaue 32 Talisay ** 32
Caloocan 2 Manila 2 Tanza 46
Cebu 32 Marawi 63 Tarlac 45
Cotabato 64 Marikina 2 Taytay 2
Dagupan 75 Meycauayan 44 Toledo 32
Dasmarinas 46 Muntinlupa 2 Valenzuela 2
Davao 82 Naga 54 Zamboanga 62

Some provinces or islands share the same area codes like Leyte and Samar. Also, similar is the case of Cordillera Administrative Region in which an entire region shares the same area code.

Calls In The Philippines

When you call a Philippine number similar area code where you are, you don’t have to dial the area code. Exceptions are when you’re calling from a payphone or mobile phone.

When you are in another region, city, or province, then you have to add the domestic long distance access prefix 0 when dialling to other area codes such as calling from Manila to Davao, you have to dial 082-1234567 or 02-1234567 when calling from Davao to Manila.

Mobile Phone Calls

Did you know that calling a Philippine mobile phone from your country is similar to as calling a landline phone? First, you dial the international exit code 00 followed by the country code 63. Instead of the two-digit area codes, you dial the three-digit network provider prefixes after the country code, then the seven-digit mobile phone number.


When you are in the Philippines, dial 0 first before it’s three-digit network provider prefix. Then you dial the additional seven-digit mobile phone number.


Take note that all mobile phone numbers in the Philippines have ten digits: the three-digit mobile phone provider code and the 7-digit subscriber number.

Here’s a list of different providers with their phone prefixes. Some providers share similar designations with their sister companies.


Extelcom: 973, 974


Globe Telecom: 905, 906, 915, 916, 917, 926, 927, 935, 936, 937, 996, 997


Next Mobile (Nextel): 979


Smart Communications: 910, 912, 918, 919, 920, 921, 928, 929


Sun Cellular: 922, 923, 932, 933, 942, 943


Aside from Philippine area codes to call, there are also toll-free numbers that start with the 1800 prefix. There are either 1, 2 or sometimes four digits after 1800 then followed by a 4 or 7-digit number.

The list of Philippine public services toll-free numbers:

  • 166 – Police
  • 7575 – Medical Emergencies & Fire
  • 114 – Directory Assistance

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