Creepy Places in the Philippines

Spread among the natural wonders and breath-taking sceneries of the Philippines are these creepy places that are not for the faint hearted. Only the brave, insane, and the adventurous dare to scoot over-Are you one of these?

Check out these creepy places in the Philippines teeming with paranormal activities and have an up-close spooky experience. And before you go be sure to bring a flashlight and lots of batteries and courage-you’ll need it.


Balete Drive

Balete Drive

Credit to Soichi Yokoyama

Urban legend storytellers reveal about the appearance of a white-veiled lady who haunts the famous 2-way street in Quezon City. This is a ghost of a girl who was lost and hitched a ride to find her way home but met a car accident and died on the spot.

Another version has it that a teenager in the 1950s was raped and decapitated by a taxi driver and her soul never left the place. Teller of tales disclose that a white apparition of a young lady turns up around 3 a.m. leaving behind bodies of decapitated taxi drivers.

Despite the lack of evidence to verify the tall tale story motorists, foot travelers avoid the place during nighttime. I would also if I were you, unless you want to experience the sudden appearance of the white-veiled lady in her ghostly self.


Manila Film Center

Manila Film Center Philippines

Credit to Tim Dedios

Located at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City is the accursed Manila Film Center. A brainchild of the former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, it was built to host the first Manila International Film Festival. Back in November 1981 the edifice was surrounded by controversy because of a mishap in the final stages of construction. On November 17 at around 3 a.m. the building’s scaffolding collapsed, at least 169 construction workers were believed to be buried alive under quick-drying cement. There was a news blackout about the tragic incident, rescuers and medical personnel were allowed entry to the area 9 hours after the accident. Rumors have it that the construction workers were buried on purpose since search and rescue operations will take long which will delay the completion of the building.

The tragedy has stirred controversial stories, visitors reported weeping and screaming sounds of suffering men. These noises were whispered to be coming from the restless spirits of the workers who have haunted the place since the tragedy.


Bahay na Pula (Red House)

Bahay na Pula (Red House)

Image credit to Iluminada Fajardo-Castigador

Or the Ilusorio Mansion, located in San Idelfonso, Bulacan was occupied by the Japanese army during World War II. The features of the house seem to be copied from the pages of a horror story, the hue exudes blood and rust, and the aura goes back in time depicting ghastly agony and torture. An ideal destination spot for ghost hunters.

The ancestral house was used as a garrison where Japanese soldiers supposedly massacred guerrilla fighters and rape the women that they captured who eventually died. Old folks said that there is hidden treasure beneath the house that is guarded by snakes, treasure hunters couldn’t get anything but snakes. Sounds could be heard like the dragging of chains on the floor, bouncing balls and clinking coins on the stairs. Screams of agony, temperature shifts, and the frightening feeling that you are with someone are some of the paranormal activities that you’ll be experiencing in the place.


Malinta Tunnel

Malinta Tunnel

Credit to Chester Lim

Corregidor is home to the most haunted places in the Philippines, thanks to the Japanese occupation during World War II. One of the eeriest places in the land is the Malinta Tunnel. It was originally designed to be a bomb-proof bunker by the U.S. Army and was later turned to a hospital to treat soldiers wounded in battle where many died. Shadows, baffling sounds, unexpected breeze, and temperature variations have been experienced here.


Ozone Disco Club

Ozone Disco

Credit to

March was supposed to be a happy moment for graduating students but not for 162 fatalities, 93 injured students were considered to be fortunate to have survived the ordeal.

On March 18, 1996 partygoers were celebrating their graduation at Ozone Disco Club along Timog, Quezon City. A fire broke out, due to the faulty emergency exit a lot of people were trapped and perished from choking and burns. Ozone Disco has been closed since the tragic incident but residents nearby report mysterious activities during nighttime like party music coming from the club, the presence of disco light, and figures gyrating to the beat of the music.

Did you have a great time visiting these eerie places? It’s nice to have the thrill of a fright during visitation and do make a head count before leaving, you might have towed an unwanted soul on your way out.


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