Siquijor: A Traveler’s Paradise

Siquijor or the Island of Fire is the third smallest island province in the Philippines, but the pristine beaches, azure waters, magnificent waterfalls, natural wonders, and friendly locals make up for its size.


There will be mystical stories that will discourage you. For the adventurous traveler, this is home to manananggal (vampire), mangkukulam (witch), and mananambal (faith healer), Freddie Krueger will have goosebumps when he meets these creatures of the night. For those who are frightful, fret not these supernatural fibs were concocted by locals to pass the time.


A bountiful island filled with nature’s beauty, an off beaten path waiting to be explored. Come with me to visit paradise that is Siquijor.


Going to and Traveling around Siquijor

Time is gold you don’t want to waste it, so the best way to reach Siquijor is by air travel to Dumaguete and the fare starts at PHP 5,292.00 for a round-trip ticket. From there, Siquijor can be reached by ferry for PHP 250.00 travel time is at 45 minutes.

Travel around the island by yourself rent a motorcycle at PHP 350.00 for the whole day. There is the tricycle ride at PHP 1,200.00 for a day tour and if you are with a bigger group rent a van for PHP 2,500.00


Where to Stay

Coco Grove Beach is a favorite resort among tourists. They offer native style cottages and villas starting at PHP 2,700.00 for two persons per night.

Backpackers and budget travelers prefer JJ’s Backpackers and Lorna’s End of the World Beach Resort for budget-friendly accommodation at a price of PHP 400.00 per person for a night stay.


Coco Grove Beach Resort

Address: Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor

Contact: +63915-2535130/+63939-9155123/+63-035-2255490/+63-035-4229663


JJ Backpackers

Address: San Juan, Siquijor

Contact: +63918-670 -0310


Lorna’s End of the World Beach Resort

Address: Lala-o, San Juan, Siquijor

Contact: +63917-3816377


Things to See and Do

You’ll never run out of things to do in this mystical island of Siquijor, here are my top picks for your memorable experience.


Faith Healer (Mananambal)



Faith Healer, mananambal, this is your opportunity to see one hire a local guide and he will take you there. Be ready with your donation. I have seen a mananambal in action they use potions, herbs, prayers, animal parts, and anything that you never even knew existed to cure an ailment this includes a person affected by witchcraft, mangkukulam. Each faith healer has their own approach in my case I saw the hand enter the abdomen the hand had grass when it came out.


Don’t be surprised to see more unusual things when they practice their craft. You will hear more stories from locals each one is different and very exciting or macabre.


Salagdoong Beach



Never miss this beach on your visit. You have to trek through rocks and a man-made forest, but you’ll be amply rewarded for your efforts

A favorite among local and foreign tourists for the cliff jump and water slide that drops you to the clear blue ocean. Include banana boat, snorkeling, and kayaking in your water activities. The beach has white powdery sand enclosed with lush green vegetation.


Mount Bandilaan Nature Park



From the parking lot, you have to hike to reach the peak of Mount Bandilaan, the highest point on the island province. Along the way, a traveler will pass by inland waterfalls, beautiful flora, caves and other nature’s beauty. The top gives a vantage point to enjoy stunning views of nearby islands and relish the cool mountain breeze.


Cambugahay Falls



A spectacular waterfall with three-tiers of cascading water originating from natural springs

To get to the falls you will need to walk down 135 steep stone steps and through rocks in the river. Once you’re there, it is hard to resist a refreshing jump, to release your body from the heat, into the turquoise waters of Cambugahay falls. Jump off a vine to unleash your Indiana Jones from the edge of the falls.


Old, Enchanted Balete Tree



The over 400-year-old Balete tree is one of the main attractions in Siquijor. It is huge, stands 50 feet high and full of vine that touches the floor. There is a spring underneath full of fish that will give you a foot spa when you dip your feet.

According to local folklore, the tree is a habitat to creatures that come out at night.


We hope the Siquijor Tavel Guide-Itinerary will be useful to make the most of your visit.




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