Expats Guide: Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Philippines

With the internet, the wide world was made small. You can connect with people from the other side of the globe, get information with the click of the mouse. It came to the point that it’s hard to imagine life without the internet. Businesses and people rely on the internet in running their daily operations, creating new products, information, communication, and opportunities for everyone.

The Philippines is fortunate to have a number of ISPs that you can choose from. The major players provide service to enterprise accounts and residential customers while others target business accounts in urban areas.

We have prepared a list of ISPs in the Philippines to help in your selection. Click on the name of the provider and you will be brought to their website and gain a plethora of information.



PLDT is the main telecommunications supplier in the Philippines, the leading broadband and digital services provider that allows continuous, synchronized streaming in all home devices. It has the largest area coverage for fiber, DSL, or LTE broadband home or business bundles.



Globe Telecom, Inc. is the principal mobile service provider in the country. The company provides home or business internet solutions that will suit the Filipino digital lifestyle.


Sky Broadband

Sky is the leading cable TV provider that offer basic internet services. They bundle the internet facility with their HD cable TV subscription.


Eastern Telecom

 Eastern Telecommunications Philippine, Inc. (ETPI) offers internet, data, and voice connectivity to corporate, government, and SME segments in the Philippines.


Converge ICT

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. provides the home, SME or corporate subscribers with broadband internet that is centered on fiber optic connectivity. The company is dedicated to providing excellent networking set-up, facilities management, broadband implementation and an all-encompassing operational support.



Infinivan partners with cable TV operators and offer high-speed internet to enterprise accounts via copper, fiber, and wireless access. The only internet service provider in the Philippines with an assurance of connection speed of at least 20Mbps and no data cap.


RISE, Inc.

RISE focuses on delivering the most consistent and fastest internet service to SMEs that require high-quality internet and indefinite data.



Edgecomm, Inc. offers premium satellite internet connectivity all over the Philippines reaching out to communities of the country without internet services.


We Are IT Philippines

 We Are IT Philippines Inc. (WIT) is the leader in the satellite broadband service in the country. Provider of wireless and intranet broadband services, mobile and fixed satellite internet networks,



PT&T was a leader in the telegram industry but switched to providing wireless, dedicated or shared broadband access to enterprise accounts and residential users.



Textron targets the business accounts, they provide a fully secure and high-quality wireless broadband to the customer’s sites.



iXs partner with telcos and cable TV operators to serve enterprise clients by providing a dedicated leased-line internet service.



Radius Telecoms Inc. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Meralco. They run on pure fiber and provide the internet needs of business accounts.



NexLogic offers internet connectivity to business and residential patrons via their cable TV operator-affiliates.



LaSalTech Inc. provides internet service to residential users and business accounts in the province of Negros Occidental and has the biggest market share in the capital city of Bacolod.


With so many choices selecting your ISP is daunting, here’s how to get the right one:

  • Understand how you will use the internet. Are you a gamer? Are you a casual internet user? Do you stream video? 8Mbps is satisfactory for the casual browser. While 20 Mbps or greater will provide optimal results for gamers and video streamers.
  • Compare their prices for the speed that you have in mind. Consider the installation fee, activation fee, and other fees, you don’t want to be surprised come payment time. Check out their bundle packages, you might want to stretch your budget a bit to avail of juicy offers.
  • Before signing the contract check out the area coverage of the ISP. You don’t want your browsing to be disrupted by loading at multiple times.
  • If budget is not a concern, go for the fastest internet service. Whether you’re a gamer, a video streamer or a regular user it’s a nice feeling to see your required data promptly.
  • Many ISPs offer special promotions occasionally, keep your eyes and ears peeled for advertisements. For instance, PLDT is offering 50% cut on various plans to customers who shift to PLDT Home DSL.
  • Ask acquaintances and look for client reviews before you lock up with an ISP.

Different strokes for different folks, your selected ISP is based on what motivates you. If you are on a tight budget go for the lowest offer or if speed is your determining factor look for the fastest internet speed. At the end of the day, it will be you who will frown or smile with your ISP’s performance.


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