Expats Guide: Authentic Filipino Artisanal Shops to Try

Filipinos are known to be great craftsmen. They value excellence, creativity and ingenuity when it comes to items that they create. This is probably one of the main reasons why employers from all over the world would normally prefer Filipinos to become their main producers.

But it should also be noted that Filipinos value originality and innovativeness. Being able to create something that is all Filipino is something that has been constantly pushed for local entrepreneurs. As the decades go by, more and more businesses have come up with original Philippine made items and have made the world take a second look. Not just excellent craftsmen, Filipinos are now able to produce authentic artisanal items that are worth noting.

Interested to find out more about these noteworthy Filipino artisanal shops? Read on below for some of the best locally made items you can get your hands on.



IG: @aranazph

Intricately designed, elegant and high quality – these are the 3 best adjectives to describe one of the longest-running accessories artisanal shops in the country, Aranaz. Established and run by 3 girl bosses, Becky Aranaz and her 2 daughters Amina and Rosana has paved the way for Filipino-made bags, purses and clutches that have stolen the eyes of many shoppers not just in the country but in the entire world as well. Aranaz uses authentic local materials ranging from abaca to batik and the excellent craftsmanship of Filipino bag makers. A favorite among Filipino socialites, Aranaz has put the country at the forefront of fashion globally.


Annie and Lori

IG: @annieandlori

A favorite among Filipina supermodels and Asian bloggers, Annie and Lori is an emerging shoe brand that is sweeping off sandal-loving girls’ feet in a jiffy. With each piece of their leather footwear, the label has slowly redefined how comfort meets with fashion. Their designs are sleek and chic, and each pair is really quite comfortable to wear. Annie and Lori have especially taken over social media by storm with testimonials of different bloggers and models preaching about their products. If you’re looking for a locally made pair of shoes that is worth your money, Annie and Lori is your best bet.


The Nobleman

IG: @nobleman_shoes

If you are a boat shoes fanatic, The Nobleman is the perfect Filipino label for you to check out. Handmade by Filipino craftsmen and produced with nothing but genuine leather, each pair is a great addition to anybody’s closet. With a great variety of colors to choose from, you will have as much fun choosing a pair as it is wearing it. The great thing is that prices start at Php2,000 or $40 a pair. Now isn’t that just a steal for an artisanal item?


Human Nature

IG: @humanheartnature

What started out as a charitable initiative became not only a sustainable employment opportunity for thousands of Filipinos but an influential green commodity available not just in the Philippines but in several parts of the globe. Human Nature has expanded from hygienic products to skincare and beauty products. The brand has been loyal to their mission of using all-Philippine available ingredients to create simple yet effective hygiene products. From coffee body scrubs and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to sunscreens, hypoallergenic foundation and lip and cheek tints, Human Nature is slowly but surely becoming a go-to brand for affordable, Filipino-made products.


Philux PH

IG: @_philux_

Having been around in the furniture manufacturing business for more than 30 years, Philux easily comes into mind when homebuilders are looking for elegant, cutting-edge quality furniture. Philux uses only the best materials (from Mahogany, Acacia, Ash, Walnut and Gmelina wood) and the best techniques in furniture making (incorporating clamps, dowels and wood glue with 21st century manufacturing techniques). Each item that comes out from Philux is attention grabbing and superior in quality. You definitely get your money’s worth with every item purchased from this awesome, sophisticated furniture shop.


Kultura Filipino

IG: @kulturafilipino

Probably one of the most popular artisanal Filipino stores in the country, Kultura Filipino is like entering a smorgasbord of all-Filipino items. From barongs to dried mangoes, looking for the perfect souvenir would be a breeze in this place. But if you think you’ll only be able to see the usual cheesy shirts, you’re wrong. Kultura houses some of the best artisanal Pinoy items. From fashion to home, the store has you covered. The brand is quite popular so you’ll probably see one in a nearby SM mall. Head down there and see what great items you can get.


The shops mentioned in this article are great but there are a ton more waiting to be discovered by you. Visit street markets and hole-in-the-wall shops to find some of the best Filipino artisanal shops. Happy shopping!

Expats in the Philipppines

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