• Authentic Filipino Artisanal Shops

    Expats Guide: Authentic Filipino Artisanal Shops to Try

    Filipinos are known to be great craftsmen. They value excellence, creativity and ingenuity when it comes to items that they create. This is probably one of the main reasons why employers from all over the world would normally prefer Filipinos to become their main producers. But it should also...
  • Major Malls in Metro Manila

    Expats’ Guide: Malls in the City

    One thing that Filipinos love to do aside from eating and singing is going to the mall.It is true! It has become part of the Filipino lifestyle that everywhere you go, there are malls. Big or small, you can count on seeing families spending quality time, couples enjoying an...
  • healthy grocery expat living philippines

    Shops for the Health Conscious Buffs

    Nowadays, you would often see health-conscious people checking the ingredients and nutritional facts of a product if it is organic or synthetic before a purchase. This is quite a shift from the buying habits of yesteryears, patrons don’t bother to check this info. There is a rise in the...
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