• Palawan: One of the World’s Best Destinations

    Palawan is a regular on the list of one of the world’s best destinations. It was on top in 2017 and 2016 and was relegated to the sixth spot in 2018 by the renowned Travel + Leisure magazine. The province is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Site, Puerto...
  • Scuba Divers Best Spots Philippines

    Scuba Diver’s Best Spots in the Philippines

    With 7,641 islands, the Philippines has an infinite supply of coastline and crystal clear sea water to discover. The country is teeming with scuba diving sites that cater to divers whether you’re a beginner that needs to get certified or an expert seeking new challenges and adventure, you’ll find...
  • cardillera

    Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

    The 7,641 islands in the Philippines entice tourists to visit the country multiple times. Each spot is distinct and has their own story to tell. The most difficult decision for a traveler to make is to figure out which place to visit first. The scenery in each region varies...
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