• expat living speaking tagalog

    Expats Guide: Learning to Speak in Tagalog

    The Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures. On its own, it is home to more than 100 different local languages and dialects. Majority of the people speak Tagalog, Cebuano, Iloko, Hiligaynon, and Waray. In general, the language of the Philippines is called “Filipino” yet most people just...
  • expat living philippine dialects

    Expats Guide: Philippine Dialects

    Crossing borders and integrating into the Philippine society is daunting for first-time visitors. There will be things that will be new to you like the surroundings, the way of life, the people, the culture, the food and the language. An expat will experience some degree of culture shock. Give...
  • Expats Guide: Top 10 Philippine Languages/Dialects spoken in Households

    The Philippine is an archipelago comprised of 7,641 islands. Due to a history of multiple settlements, there are over 170 languages and 2 official languages, Tagalog and English, spoken which will confuse even an expatriate living in the country for too long. Tagalog is predominantly spoken by a third...
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