• cardillera

    Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

    The 7,641 islands in the Philippines entice tourists to visit the country multiple times. Each spot is distinct and has their own story to tell. The most difficult decision for a traveler to make is to figure out which place to visit first. The scenery in each region varies...
  • boracay closure 2018

    Need to Know Things About the closure of Boracay (Bora) Island on April 26, 2018

    Back in 2010, the New York Times foreseen Boracay as Asia’s next tourism hotspot. In recent years it leaped from a low-key tropical backwater to Southeast Asia’s go-to vacation destination. Long stretches of powdery white sand, kite-surfing, and dive friendly reefs teeming with marine life became the crown-jewel of...
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