• cardillera

    Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

    The 7,641 islands in the Philippines entice tourists to visit the country multiple times. Each spot is distinct and has their own story to tell. The most difficult decision for a traveler to make is to figure out which place to visit first. The scenery in each region varies...
  • best hospital in metro manila

    Hospitals in Metro Manila that are at par with World Standards

    The Philippines is one of the go-to medical tourism countries popular to foreigners because of its high standard of healthcare with lower rates compared to their home country. Patients coming from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada spends a mere fraction of what they would back home for the...
  • Five Star Hotels in Manila

    Expats Guide: Five Star Hotels in Manila

    If you are planning for some serious luxurious experience while you are in Manila, look no further than our list of FiveStar Hotels. Sure theydo not cost a dime, but they will definitely make you feel like royalty. Admit it, you’ve been hard at work and no one deserves...
  • Best Hotels in Manila

    Expats Guide: The Best Hotels in Manila

    Finding the right hotel to stay in can be a little tricky, especially if you’re very nitpicky when it comes to the amenities and services you’re gunning for. There is the perfect room size for you and your companions, the restaurants available and certain amenities such as wi-fi access,...
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